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Gastronomy of Durango

Durango’s cuisine may be some of the most amazing in central and northern Mexico. It brings together dishes both from the center and from the north. On the other hand, it also stands out for its inventiveness and history, characteristics of the state.… Leer Más

Gastronomy of Campeche

The state of Campeche is famous for its excellent gastronomy, unique and original for its creativity, seasoning and taste. Its gastronomic personality is the result of its Mayan heritage, combined with the contributions of the Spanish, and even pirates and corsairs also brought new components and forms of preparation in the various dishes that can be savored in the region today. Campeche has a wide variety of seafood, which has been fully used in its cuisine.… Leer Más

Gastronomy of CDMX

The gastronomy of Mexico City will surprise you, there are no limits to the creativity of the chefs who create rich options, trying them will be a unique experience worth enjoying, you just have to cheer up, you won’t regret it!… Leer Más

Gastronomy of Tlaxcala

The cuisine of Tlaxcala is full of varied flavors. For that reason, trying the different dishes of this region is pampering your palate with delicious recipes. However, it is also a reunion with the history of the gastronomy of Tlaxcala, which honors its ancestors and dates back to pre-Hispanic times.… Leer Más

Gastronomy of Tamaulipas

In Tamaulipas there are many incredible dishes; from the sweetest and most homely flavors to the extravagant and exciting flavors. Its geographical location by the sea and the border with the United States, affects the typical dishes of each of the regions.… Leer Más

Gastronomy of Colima

Colima’s traditional cuisine has stood out for its magnificent variety of splendidly seasoned dishes and for its marked Spanish influence. All the gastronomy of the State has sought to adequately combine the ingredients to flatter the taste of the most demanding diners.… Leer Más

Gastronomy of Zacatecas

Zacatecan cuisine is the product of multiple inventions, influences and exchanges, inheritance and remembrance of the indigenous and Spanish presence in the territory of the state. In pre-Hispanic times, the Chichimeca tribes took advantage of what the semi-desert soil offered for their food: nopales, tunas, magueys, biznagas, dates, roots; wild animals such as hares, rabbits, squirrels, wild boars, snakes, deer, and insects. Some of these supplies were prepared in order to be conserved for a long time, anticipating periods of famine.… Leer Más

Gastronomy of Yucatan

The gastronomy of Yucatan has its origins in the traditional cuisine of the Mayans with some Spanish ingredients. Its dishes are well known for their particular aroma and flavor, because they are prepared with condiments such as oregano, sour orange, coriander and mainly different types of chili. Other ingredients are the famous “recados”, which are a kind of pasta with which a very characteristic flavor is given to meats, such as the black “recados” or the red “recados”, among others. The “recados” are simply various species of condiments and ground and mixed chilies that form a paste, and that are the main base of many Yucatecan dishes. So in addition to a trip through the incredible jungle landscapes of Yucatan, the cenotes, the archaeological sites, cities and towns, you should enjoy a whole gastronomic trip through the beautiful land of the Mayans.… Leer Más

Gastronomy of Quintana Roo

The Gastronomy of Quintana Roo shares several elements with that of Yucatán and Campeche, in which traditional and contemporary cooking techniques are mixed. Although in places like Playa del Carmen and Cancun, where migrants from other countries live, the dishes have been enriched with international flavors. In regional cuisine, ingredients of pre-Hispanic origin are combined with those brought by the Spanish. The dishes of chicken, pork, beef and rabbit meat stewed and seasoned with oregano, purple onion, sour orange, sweet chili, pumpkin seed, tomato, achiote, habanero pepper and coriander stand out among other ingredients.… Leer Más