A city located 56 kilometers northwest of Villahermosa, well-known for its Mayan archaeological site on its outskirts, which boasts impressive ruins from the 1st century AD, belonging to the classical era of the Mayan civilization.… Leer Más

Zacatecas City

Founded in 1546, the city combines romance, history, culture, nature and mining in a unique way. With a mix of curves and straight lines, the city center architecture is certainly distinctive. Due to its extensive cultural background, Zacatecas is the home to many museums with incredible historic value. The works in silver and quarry, as well as the Huichol embroidery, reflect an appreciation and passion for art. The city offer a number of attractions as the world’s only nightclub inside a mine, streets and alleys boasting its own legends, and a widely recognized hill, Cerro de la Bufa, offering many options from a museum to a zip line.… Leer Más


Merida is one of Mexico’s most important colonial cities, an architectural jewel traditionally known as “La Ciudad Blanca” (The White City). The Mayan World with the generous hospitality of its people surrounds it. It features traditional neighborhoods, tree-lined stately avenues, world class services, varied cuisine, night life and modern installations which guarantee your business success as well as an indelible memory of a unique experience. Mérida has become the “Medical Capital of the South-east Mexico” with a vast network of hospitals, clinics, laboratories as well as private and public doctor’s offices; the health care in the city is excellent and very affordable. Many doctors are English-speaking, often having done their training in the United States; the facilities are state of the art but cost less.… Leer Más


Known for its lush tropical forests and diverse wildlife, Villahermosa is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience the unique culture and natural beauty of Mexico.… Leer Más


Costa Maya is located on the south of the Quintana Roo state and has many locations to choose from: a typical Caribbean enclave like Chetumal, a Magic Town like Bacalar, beautiful beaches like Mahahual and Xcalak and amazing Mayan sites such as Chacchoben or Kohunlich. Blessed with an unbeatable combination of tropical forest, wetlands, white-sand beaches, coral reefs, abundant wildlife and magnificent archaeological sites, Grand Costa Maya has long been one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. This is an ideal place for adventure lovers as well as for people who loved Mayan culture, since several communities in here have preserved timeless traditions.… Leer Más

Puebla City

The City of Puebla is a place full of culture, charm, traditions, history, beliefs… The magnificent trace of the city has made up the legend that were the angels who did it. Puebla is a jewel of world’s architecture and has been able to adapt spaces and fill them with life and movement. It is located 85 miles away from Mexico City (CDMX). Modern highways communicates with all the main cities around the country. It has an International Airport, named Hermanos Serdán, as well as an important Bus Station. … Leer Más

Oaxaca City

Oaxaca is the most diverse state in Mexico. It has peaks that reach more than 3,000 meters high, caverns that are among the deepest in the world, virgin beaches, secluded forests, and sunlit valleys. Oaxaca is rich in traditions and customs and has the largest ethnic population found in Mexico.
The City of Oaxaca, the state capital, is famous for its architecture and for its rich cultural traditions. Oaxaca is also graced by a splendid and varied cuisine and spring-like weather year round. UNESCO declared the city a Cultural Heritage Site.… Leer Más