Veracruz ready to enjoy the best salsa festival in the world

Anticipation is running high as Veracruz prepares to host what promises to be the most spectacular salsa festival worldwide in 2023. Iván Martínez Olvera, the Secretary of Tourism in Veracruz, expressed confidence in the upcoming event, stating that everything is in place for an unforgettable experience and that they are expecting a staggering 400,000 visitors.… Read More

The second edition of the Real Estate Summit will be held

On June 9, the highly anticipated second edition of the Real Estate Summit will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, aiming to bridge the gap between the real estate industries in Mexico and the United States and attract valuable investments. Organized by José Sierra, who previously hosted the event in San Carlos, this year’s summit has shifted to Phoenix with a specific focus on seeking real estate investments in the states of Sonora and Arizona.… Read More

Mexico climbs to 28th place in per capita spending on international tourism

In a significant achievement for Mexico’s tourism industry, the country has climbed to the 28th position worldwide in per capita spending on international tourism. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently released preliminary data indicating Mexico’s rise in the rankings, marking a cause for celebration for Miguel Torruco Marqués, the Mexican Secretary of Tourism.… Read More

90% hotel occupancy is expected with the Durango National Fair

Hoteliers in Durango are brimming with confidence as they anticipate a significant surge in tourism during the months of June and July, projecting hotel occupancy rates to reach a remarkable 90%. Recognizing this as one of the prime periods for the sector, hoteliers have already begun registering reservations, according to Jaime Mijares Salum, President of the Association of Hotels and Motels of Durango.… Read More

Mexico strengthens ties with Italy to promote the promotion of the country as a tourist destination

Mexico has taken significant steps to enhance its partnership with European businessmen, focusing on increasing air connectivity, investment opportunities, and digital content dissemination campaigns to attract more Italian tourists to the country. The Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) announced these developments on Thursday following the visit of Mexican Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, to Italy, where he established cooperative ties with industry representatives in Rome and Milan.… Read More

By land or by sea? Find out what the El Sinaloense train and the Mar de Cortés Cruise offer

Sinaloa, a Mexican state known for its natural beauty, is set to offer two remarkable tourist experiences that will captivate visitors and locals alike. Whether you prefer exploring by land or sea, these projects promise to showcase the region’s sun-soaked beaches, majestic mountains, and enchanting landscapes. Approved by the Federal Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, and Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, these initiatives are poised to enhance Sinaloa’s tourism offerings.… Read More

Temporary closure of the archaeological zone of Tulum does not affect tourism in Cancun

The temporary closure of the Tulum archaeological zone from May 15 to June 1 has had minimal impact on tourism in Cancun, according to local tour vendors. They stated that the main packages they sell in the city are for Isla Mujeres, which is why they have experienced little effect. Tourists visiting the area prefer the proximity and engaging activities available on Isla Mujeres, as well as the reduced presence of sargassum, allowing them to enjoy a full day on the island.… Read More

Mexico climbed to 9th place in foreign exchange earnings from tourism in 2022

Mexico has made significant strides in foreign currency income from international visitors, securing the ninth position worldwide, according to the latest World Tourism Barometer celebrated by the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur). Under the current administration, Mexico has climbed from the 17th position in 2018 to its current ranking. Sectur’s head, Miguel Torruco, expressed his satisfaction with this achievement. In 2022, the economic benefit generated by international visitors reached $28.016 billion, marking a remarkable 41.7% increase compared to 2021 and a 14% rise compared to 2019, a year before the pandemic adversely impacted tourism activities.… Read More

Mazatlán registers 80 percent reservations for the summer

Mazatlán, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, is gearing up for a bustling summer vacation period as the hotel industry reports an impressive 80% reservation rate, with expectations of fully booked accommodations on weekends. The hotels lining Del Mar Avenue are witnessing a surge in reservations, primarily from tourists hailing from Monterrey, Chihuahua, the Bajío region, and Mexico City.… Read More

National motorcycle tourism championship in Tamaulipas is confirmed

The ninth National Moto Tourism Championship has been confirmed to take place in Tamaulipas from May 30 to June 4. With an estimated participation of at least 800 motorcyclists from 25 countries, including Europe, the United States, and other continents, this event promises to be an exciting gathering for motorcycle enthusiasts. The participants, representing different associations, will be provided with comprehensive security measures throughout their journey, starting in Reynosa and culminating in the State Capital.… Read More

“Discover Sinaloa” is presented in the Évora region

The Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa recently presented the “Descubre Sinaloa (Discover Sinaloa)” program in the municipality of Mocorito, during a meeting organized by the Tourism Commission of the State Congress. The program aims to promote regional tourism in the state by offering 24 different routes that showcase the attractions of the 18 municipalities. At least four routes will be available every weekend, with departure points in Culiacán, Mazatlán, Guasave, Rosario, and Escuinapa.… Read More

70 destinations in Mexico register more than 50% hotel occupancy

According to the Secretary of Tourism of the Mexican government, Miguel Torruco Marqués, hotel occupancy in 70 monitored destinations in Mexico during the first quarter of 2023 was 60.5%. This represents a 9.5% increase compared to the same period in 2022. Out of the total 19.8 million tourists who visited Mexico from January to March 2023, 13.9 million were domestic tourists, while 6 million were foreigners. This translates to 69.9% and 30.1% of the total, respectively, in the 70 monitored destinations.… Read More

Morelos is ready to host the Meeting of the Americas of Social Tourism Mexico 2023

The state of Morelos in Mexico is gearing up to host the Social Tourism Meeting of the Americas Mexico 2023, organized by the International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO). The event, which is scheduled to take place from May 16 to 21 at the Vacation Center IMSS Oaxtepec, is expected to draw more than 100 participants from the tourism sector including service providers, authorities, businessmen, and experts.… Read More

Chicago shows interest in offering Mexican destinations to its tourists

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, and the General Consul of Mexico in Chicago, Ambassador Reyna Torres Mendívil, led a delegation to Chicago, Illinois, to promote Mexican tourist destinations. Over 300 tour operators and travel agents from the state of Illinois expressed a keen interest in offering their clients trips to Mexico. Illinois is the third-largest state in terms of tourists visiting Mexico, following California and Texas.… Read More

Nearshoring: Relocation of companies will bring more tourism to Hermosillo

The president of the Office of Conventions and Visitors (OCV) in Hermosillo, Sonora has stated that the relocation of maquiladora companies in the city, a phenomenon known as “nearshoring,” is expected to significantly increase business tourism. Francisco Karam García believes that this relocation will lead to a minimum 10% boost in business tourism, which currently accounts for 50% of the city’s visitors.… Read More

International tourism in Mexico grows 7.9% year-on-year in March

According to a report from Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), international tourism in Mexico experienced significant growth in March 2023. The country welcomed 7.9% more international tourists compared to the same month in 2022, resulting in a 7% increase in foreign currency income. In total, 3.57 million foreign tourists visited Mexico during the third month of 2023, up from 3.31 million in the previous year.… Read More

“Festival del Viento” will catapult Nayarit as a destination of international stature

The “Festival del Viento” (Wind Festival) in Nayarit, Mexico, is set to elevate the region’s status as an international tourist destination. Miguel Torruco Marqués, the head of the Ministry of Tourism, emphasized that Nayarit offers a wealth of natural, cultural, and gastronomic attractions that continue to gain popularity among both domestic and international tourists.… Read More

Destinations in Mexico are recognized as the best in the world

The World Travel Awards 2023 has recognized destinations in Mexico as the best in the world in terms of their tourist services. Established in 1993, the World Travel Awards is known as the “Tourism Oscars,” and each year, it conducts a Grand Tour around the world to recognize excellence on each continent, culminating in a showdown between the winners of each region.… Read More

Enjoy the National Cheese and Wine Fair 2023

The National Cheese and Wine Fair 2023 is an upcoming event that pays tribute to the high quality and attributes of wine and cheese, two products closely related to each other. The event promises to be a sensory experience filled with music, flavors, textures, and aromas. The fair will be held in the Magical Town of Tequisquiapan Querétaro from May 26 to June 11, 2023, at Pila Park.… Read More

“Marlín 2023 Sport Fishing Tournament” is announced in Bahías de Huatulco

The 31st “Marlín 2023 Sport Fishing Tournament” was announced by the Secretary of Tourism in Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca. The tournament, which will be held from May 11 to 14, will have a total prize pool of 2,570,000 pesos to be distributed among various categories. The Club de Pesca Deportiva Bahía Santa Cruz Huatulco Civil Association is organizing the event to promote sport fishing at the state level.… Read More

Cruise tourism leaves a spill of 320 million pesos so far in 2023

According to the Ministry of Tourism in Sinaloa, cruise tourism has generated an income of more than 320 million pesos so far in 2023, making it one of the most significant sources of economic income for the area. At least 66 cruise ships from five different shipping companies have arrived in Mazatlan, bringing over 228,000 cruise passengers who have experienced the destination’s various attractions.… Read More

Opening of two new air routes will boost tourism in Sonora

The Mexican state of Sonora is set to boost its tourism sector with the opening of two new air routes. The Hermosillo-Mexico City route will be operated by Viva Aerobus, and the Hermosillo-Cancun route by Volaris. Sonora’s governor, Alfonso Durazo Montaño, said the routes will provide new travel alternatives to the state’s residents and position Sonora as an “extraordinary destination” for national and international visitors. The flights are expected to start on July 2 and 13, respectively.… Read More

Come and have fun at the Children’s and Girl’s Day Festival

The Institute of Culture and Arts of the state of Campeche is inviting families and their children to attend the Festival of the Day of the Boy and Girl. The festival will take place on April 30th at Concha Acústica, starting from 10am until 8:30 pm. There will be a variety of fun activities for the whole family, such as contests, music, a clown show, games, artistic workshops, tram rides, and much more.… Read More

Cozumel and Mahahual seek to attract more cruise travelers

Cozumel and Mahahual are exploring ways to attract more cruise passengers, as the sector is an essential part of tourism in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The general director of the Integral Port Administration of Quintana Roo, Vagner Elbiorn Vega, met with the president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, Michael Bayley, to propose projects that would attract more cruise ships to the area.… Read More

Puebla is among the destinations with the highest hotel occupancy before the May holidays

The Mexican city of Puebla is expected to see a 61.5% hotel occupancy over the next two long weekends, according to projections from the federal Ministry of Tourism (Sectur). The weekends in question commemorate Labor Day and the Battle of Puebla, and run from April 28 to May 1, and from May 4 to 7, respectively. Puebla is among a number of non-beach destinations where there is expected to be high demand for accommodation during these periods.… Read More

Tamaulipas promotes gastronomic tourism in Nuevo Laredo

The Secretary of Tourism in Tamaulipas, Mexico, has expressed the government’s commitment to promoting the Gastronomy of Tamulipas to boost the economy and tourism. The comments come after the success of the “Grill Fest Women on the Grill 2023” event held at the Cultural Center of the City of Nuevo Laredo, organized by the Association of Women in the Media.… Read More

Influencers will promote tourism in Hidalgo

The Mexican Employers’ Confederation (COPARMEX) in partnership with the federal Ministry of Tourism has launched the Impulsa Turismo promotion campaign to boost tourism in Hidalgo, Mexico. Ten young social media influencers are part of the campaign, tasked with creating content for their followers on various platforms to promote the state’s tourist attractions.… Read More

Tourism outlet in Yucatan closes with excellent results

The Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center recently held the second edition of the “Viajo porque viajo (I Travel Because I Travel)” expo, which brought together various companies in the tourism sector, such as travel agencies, hotels, transportation companies, and airlines. The event offered special rates to individuals seeking the best vacation destinations.… Read More

Gastronomy of Sonora

The gastronomy of Sonora is renowned for its delicious food. While meat is a popular dish in the region, the cuisine of Sonora offers so much more than that. The origin of Sonoran cuisine is a combination of native techniques and European influence that dates back centuries ago. Wheat and beef, imported by the Spanish, are now staple foods that summarize the gastronomic customs of Sonora. Corn, beans, zucchini, green or red chili, and the chiltepin are also commonly used in Sonoran cuisine.… Read More

Gastronomy of Morelos

One of the highlights of the Morelos culinary scene is its typical cuisine, which is an essential part of the local culture. Tourists can sample the local delicacies as they explore the region. For example, dishes such as mushrooms with cazahuate, jumiles sauce with blue tortillas, ayocote beans with dough balls, rabbit in chileajo, cecina with cream and fresh cheese, and pork spine with martajado chiles are a delight to the senses.… Read More

Gastronomy of Estado de Mexico

The State of Mexico is renowned for its rich culinary traditions, with a menu that includes a wide range of dishes prepared from fruits, vegetables, cereals and other natural ingredients that are locally grown. While the urban areas in the state have grown and the natural environment has been affected, the gastronomic traditions still prevail.… Read More

Gastronomy of Coahuila

Coahuila is known for its rich and diverse gastronomy. The cuisine of this region is heavily influenced by fresh meats such as kid, mutton, and veal. The meats are often red, juicy, and finely cut, making them a staple of the Coahuila table. However, the state’s gastronomy has also been enriched with contributions from other areas, with which it has exchanged food and merchandise for many years. As in the entire north of the country, the essential flour tortillas, machaca, northern sheets, dial, chorizo, cheese and tamales are also part of the Coahuila cuisine.… Read More

Get to know the San Bartolo hot springs in Veracruz

The San Bartolo Hot Springs, located in the mountainous region of the municipality of Atzalan, Veracruz, is a perfect getaway for people looking to spend a weekend in a natural spa. The hot springs are not well known, so visitors might have the place to themselves or their family. The hot springs are formed from the Misantla River and are rich in minerals, emanating high-temperature water. Visitors can enjoy a crystal-clear view of turquoise waters, flora, and fauna.… Read More

More than 220,000 tourists went to Tlaquepaque on vacation

During Holy Week and Easter, San Pedro Tlaquepaque, a popular tourist destination within the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, received over 220,000 visitors, including people from Guadalajara, other Mexicans and some foreigners. The municipality recorded a hotel occupancy rate of 90% and an economic spill of 154 million 350 thousand pesos, according to the Tlaquepaque municipal government.… Read More

Gastronomy of Chihuahua

Chihuahua has developed a unique gastronomy that has its roots in the extreme climate and strong livestock production of the region. Most of the regional dishes are made with beef, with the white-faced Brangus, Angus, and Charolais breeds being particularly renowned. Fine cuts of meat are typically served with baked potatoes and grilled onions in restaurants.… Read More

Cancun is a tourist leader in Latin America

On the occasion of Cancun’s 53rd anniversary, travel agency Despegar conducted an analysis of the destination’s positioning in the region, concluding that Cancun is the destination with the greatest tourist recovery in Latin America. The Riviera Maya and Cancun are among the most popular destinations for Latin American travelers, with bookings to Cancun doubling in 2022 compared to the same period in 2020 and 2021. Cancun was also the third destination with the highest growth in mobile travel reservations (+57%) in 2022.… Read More