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Puebla City

The City of Puebla is a place full of culture, charm, traditions, history, beliefs… The magnificent trace of the city has made up the legend that were the angels who did it. Puebla is a jewel of world’s architecture and has been able to adapt spaces and fill them with life and movement. It is located 85 miles away from Mexico City (CDMX). Modern highways communicates with all the main cities around the country. It has an International Airport, named Hermanos Serdán, as well as an important Bus Station. … Read More

Puebla City Surroundings

Puebla has everything for that escape you long for, with its cloud forests, mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, rivers, lagoons and even volcanoes, together with its magical towns, its gastronomy and its culture. You don’t need to cross borders, board a plane or travel whole days by road to enter paradise. There are many places near Puebla to visit and enjoy. The surroundings of Puebla and its natural beauties are countless, the imposing Popocatepetl volcano, an excellent climate, the colorful markets, its flavors and textures, and the smile of a local child that makes you feel at home is never lacking.
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Gastronomy of Puebla

The gastronomy of Puebla is internationally recognized for its flavor, its variety and its history. It is the result of the fusion of the culinary tradition of Mexican origin (prior to the colonial period) and the influences of Spanish, French and Arabic cuisine. Each of them contributed not only ingredients – such as tomato, onion, oil – but also utensils and processes that enriched the culinary offer of the state and considered one of the most representative in Mexico.… Read More

Magical Towns in Puebla

Among the ideal tourist places to organize a weekend getaway, the Magical Towns of Puebla stand out. Each one has its own personality and activities for all tastes. You can stroll through its streets and admire its architecture rich in history. In each one you will find many options to try local cuisine and classic Poblano dishes. Do not forget to visit its markets and fill yourself with colors, flavors and crafts, from the famous Puebla talavera to indigenous artistic expressions. And if you prefer contact with nature, you also find options to quench your thirst for adventure.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Puebla

Due to the natural richness of the state, there are a wide selection of activities for people who love nature, such as mountain climbing, photography, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, rafting (through rapids) speleology, hang gliding (delta and paraglide) cycling, camping and rappel among others.… Read More

Archaeological Sites in Puebla

Puebla has a great pre-Hispanic heritage. There are diverse archaeological zones, and some of the most outstanding are: Cholula, one of the most important ceremonial centers; Cantona, known worldwide as the splendour of Mesoamerican urbanization; and Yohualichan, that means “The house of the mysterious night” at the Sierra Norte.… Read More