MÉXICO » Baja California Norte


Tijuana is one of the best known tourist places in Baja California. It is one of the largest cities in Mexico. Its spaces attract by the beauty of the views of the Pacific Ocean, by the hectic pace of its locals and visitors, by the offers for fun, entertainment and culture. But it stands out for its powerful gastronomy, present in the restaurant offers in Tijuana where the authenticity of Mexico and the contribution from distant lands are mixed in a mixed and eclectic cuisine. On your next vacation in Mexico go enjoy Baja California, and discover the best places in Tijuana.… Read More

Magical Towns in Baja California Norte – Tecate

Tecate is a picturesque town full of colonial architecture and surrounded by mountains, trees, and rivers, ideal for healthy tourism. If you are looking to relax, Tecate is the ideal place. It has a sophisticated world-renowned spa. Pamper yourself with a temazcal, a body or medicinal treatment and rest as you have dreamed of, with specialized wellness services. Practice yoga, relax with barrotherapy and free yourself from stress with a delicious massage.… Read More