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People enjoy the day off on March 20 in Bahía de Kino; 7 thousand tourists prefer it to Easter

Around 7,000 tourists visited Bahia de Kino on March 20 to take advantage of the March 21 bridge, according to local merchants. Most of the visitors were from the United States, Agua Prieta, Ciudad Juárez, and North Ensenada. Despite the cold front that hit the region, tourists like Carlos Duaiza Amaya and his family still enjoyed the beach. Carlos said that they preferred to go to the beach during the March 21 bridge rather than wait for Easter, as it would be more comfortable and there would be fewer drunkards.… Read More

Sonora Rally will be from April 22 to 28

The Sonora Rally, an off-road race involving all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles, will take place in Mexico for the first time from April 22 to 28. The event, which has been running for nine years, is intended to promote the state of Sonora worldwide. The race is one of five stages that span several countries, including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and Morocco.… Read More

Hermosillo wins Guinness record for largest grilled meat in the world

Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, has broken the Guinness record for the largest roast meat in the world, previously held by Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in Quebec, Canada. More than 2,000 grillers participated in the event, using five tons of meat and 1,200 grills to cook it. The previous record had been achieved by 914 people, so Hermosillo more than doubled the figure.… Read More

Villa de Seris is recognized as a Magical Neighborhood in Hermosillo

Villa de Seris, a neighbourhood in Hermosillo, Sonora, has been recognised as a “Magical Neighbourhood” by the Federal Tourism Secretariat for its traditional coyota dessert, architectural conservation, and cultural traditions. This is the first neighbourhood in Sonora to receive this title. To achieve this, local authorities met a series of requirements and underwent a procedure, which was attributed to the community and residents of Villa de Seris.… Read More

Growing interest of Europeans for destinations in Sonora

European tourists are showing a growing interest in visiting the Mexican state of Sonora, according to Julio César Rascón Torres, the president of the Sonoran Association of Tour Operators. The association’s participation in the International Tourism Fair held in Madrid, Spain in January led to agreements with tour operators from Europe that are now bearing fruit. Some visitors have already arrived from Estonia and Spain, with more expected to arrive for Easter and before the start of summer.… Read More

Culture and tourism are promoted with the “Ruta del Bacanora”

The “Bacanora Route” is a tourism initiative that aims to promote the traditional Sonoran drink, bacanora, and the region’s culture, as well as to support its producers. The route involves visiting 12 municipalities to learn about the production process of the drink, among other recreational activities, with nine different products on offer. In all tours, the visit includes the factory and the plantation, where tourists can learn about the history and production process of the drink. The economic benefits of the route, generating income from meals, handicrafts, and regional products, stay in the visited municipalities, generating an economic spill of 5,000 to 15,000 pesos per tour. The tours are managed under a small group scheme to provide appropriate care to the visitors.… Read More

Project for a new artificial reef in the waters of San Carlos

The sinking of the ship ‘Suchiate’ in San Carlos Bay, Sonora, will create a new artificial reef, boosting tourism in the area. The project is being organised by a committee convened by the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Sonora and the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico. The ship will be donated by the Navy and, as with the sinking of the Ex Santos in March 2022, aims to attract diving tourism to the state of Sonora.… Read More

“Desierto de Sonora Beer Fest” in Hermosillo this February 11

The Sonora Desert Beer Festival 2023 has been officially announced and it promises to be a fantastic event. The festival will take place in Hermosillo, Mexico, and will bring together some of the best beer brands and local breweries. Beer enthusiasts can expect a wide variety of beer tastings, including craft beers and Mexican beers, as well as food stalls and live music. … Read More