MÉXICO » December-2023

‘Colibrí Viajero’ Sets Record, Provides Free Tours to Over Half a Million in Mexico City

This year, the “Colibrí Viajero” initiative set an impressive record by extending its support to 562,738 vulnerable inhabitants of Mexico City (CDMX). The beneficiaries, comprising 297,589 women and 265,149 men facing economic and social challenges, were treated to free guided bus tours as part of the local Ministry of Tourism’s social action program.… Read More

How Christmas is Celebrated in Mexico

In the heart of Mexico, the Christmas season is not just a time for festivities but a celebration deeply rooted in rich cultural traditions. From vibrant decorations to heartfelt customs, Mexicans embrace the holiday spirit with a unique flair that captivates locals and tourists alike.… Read More

Hidalgo Tourism Thrives in 2023: Achievements and Growth

The Ministry of Tourism in Hidalgo, led by Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, has declared 2023 a year of significant success for the region’s tourism sector. Gómez highlighted that the department has diligently worked towards elevating the Hidalgo tourist brand both nationally and internationally, aiming to attract more visitors to the diverse attractions the state has to offer.… Read More

Durango Set to Unveil 2024 Eclipse Viewing Centers in January

In an eagerly awaited announcement, Elisa Haro Ruiz, the Secretary of Tourism in Durango, revealed that the unveiling of viewing centers for the total solar eclipse in 2024 is scheduled for January. The revelation will follow extensive explorations conducted in 11 municipalities to identify safe sighting and camping areas. The effort involves collaboration with a small cabinet comprising the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Protection, and Security.… Read More

Edition Hotels Debuts in Riviera Maya with Kanai Luxury Resort

In a move that underscores its ambitious global expansion, Edition Hotels has recently unveiled its latest gem, the Kanai hotel community, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya in Mexico. This announcement follows the brand’s earlier plans for expansion in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Choosing Mexico as its gateway to Latin America, the Edition Hotels’ Kanai embraces the trend of ultra-exclusive and private areas for the discerning traveler, akin to other upscale destinations like Mayakoba or Puerto Cancún.… Read More

Despegar and Airbnb Join Forces in Latin America to Combat Online Fraud

In anticipation of the year-end holiday season, the Latin American Internet Association (ALAI) has collaborated with travel giant Despegar.com and accommodation platform Airbnb to launch a campaign aimed at preventing online fraud in the region. The initiative seeks to educate users on secure practices when booking accommodations and trips through digital platforms.… Read More

What is it like to travel on the Mayan Train?

The inaugural journey of the Mayan Train, connecting Campeche with Cancun, brought a mix of excitement and challenges for passengers eager to experience this iconic travel. Passengers arrived at the San Francisco Campeche station, featuring impressive architecture by Gabriela Bojalil. The station, though bustling, lacked certain amenities, with a limited waiting room and a sparse food supply. Ticket prices for Premier and Tourist classes were displayed, with a notable difference in costs.… Read More

Hidalgo to Unveil Directory Celebrating Traditional Ancestral Cooks

In a bid to showcase and celebrate the culinary richness embedded in the traditional cooks of Hidalgo, the state’s Tourism Secretariat is in the process of conducting a comprehensive census across its 12 regions. Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, the head of the Tourism Secretariat, expressed her excitement about bringing to light the invaluable wealth of traditional ancestral cooks who have been preserving their culinary heritage in the towns of Hidalgo.… Read More

The Inauguration of the Mayan Train is celebrated

The ongoing construction of the Maya Train represents a complex endeavor unfolding in two realms – one of fantasy and the other of harsh reality. In the realm of fantasy, it symbolizes progress and social justice, while in the realm of reality, it embodies devastation and colonialism. Yet, the crux of the Maya Train conundrum lies in its universal image of shooting in the dark. Ironically, the central issue isn’t the train itself or even the Mayan communities it claims to benefit.… Read More

Tamaulipas Implements Lodging Tax Increase to Boost Tourism Promotion

The Secretary of Tourism in Tamaulipas, Benjamín Hernández Rodríguez, has assured that the recently approved increase in lodging taxes, from two to 3.5 percent starting next year, will not deter tourism in the region. Contrary to concerns, Hernández believes that travelers are generally aware of their expenses and are unlikely to be significantly influenced by slight changes in taxes.… Read More

Oaxaca Expects Over One Billion Pesos Boost This Holiday Season

In what promises to be a bustling holiday season, the State Tourism Secretariat (Sectur Oaxaca) forecasts an economic windfall exceeding 1.3 billion pesos in the three main destinations of Oaxaca. Saymi Pineda Velasco, the head of the agency, revealed that from December 15 to January 7, 2024, Oaxaca de Juárez, Bahías de Huatulco, and Puerto Escondido are projected to achieve an average hotel occupancy of 68.55 percent, attracting 398,713 national and foreign visitors.… Read More

Mexico Sees a 3.4% Increase in International Tourists Despite Economic Dip in October

Mexico experienced a 3.4% rise in international tourist arrivals in October 2023 compared to the same month in 2022, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi). The country welcomed 5.9 million foreign tourists during the month, marking a notable increase from the 5.71 million recorded the previous year. However, despite the growth in visitor numbers, economic income from tourism saw a 1.4% decline, as reported by Inegi.… Read More

Acapulco’s La Quebrada Diving Show Triumphantly Reopens After Hurricane Otis

In a triumphant display of resilience, the La Quebrada diving show in Acapulco has made a dazzling return after a 45-day hiatus caused by the destructive impact of Hurricane Otis. This iconic tradition, synonymous with the city’s tourism, is a beacon of hope during the festive month of December, signifying the revival of a cherished cultural spectacle.… Read More

Durango Plans Cinematic School for 70th Film Anniversary

In a bid to celebrate the 70th anniversary of cinema in Durango, the State Tourism Secretariat, led by Elisa Haro, has announced the creation of the Technical School of Tourism and Cinematography. This ambitious project aims to boost the allure of the region for large-scale film productions. Haro expressed optimism about the upcoming year, anticipating a positive impact on tourism and cinematography.… Read More

Hidalgo Hotel Suppliers Expo Boosts Networking and Services

In a concerted effort to stimulate economic growth within the state and elevate service standards in the hotel and tourism industry, the Hidalgo Hotel Suppliers Expo is set to take place in Pachuca. Organized by the Mexican Association of Hoteliers and Motels in Hidalgo, Profeco, the Secretariat of Tourism, and the Chamber of Commerce Services and Tourism in Hidalgo, the event aims to establish a virtuous economic circle.… Read More

Colima Emerges as Premier Tourist Hub with Sustainable Growth

Colima is making significant strides as one of Mexico’s preferred tourist hotspots, according to a report presented by Jorge Padilla Castillo, the Undersecretary of Tourism. The report, derived from Governor Indira Vizcaíno’s Second Government Report, underscores Colima’s remarkable tourism growth, attributing it to a well-executed positioning and promotion strategy.… Read More

Strategic Alliance between Sonora and Arizona Boosts Regional Tourism

Tourism in the Sonora region is poised for a substantial uplift as the local government strengthens ties with Arizona, marking a strategic alliance set to redefine the tourist landscape. This collaboration foresees a significant surge in the promotion and steady influx of visitors to Sonora, promising a host of new and exhilarating opportunities for travelers keen on exploring the beauty of this Mexican region.… Read More

Tamaulipas Anticipates Year-End Surge in Tourist Numbers

Tamaulipas is gearing up to conclude the year on a high note with a notable uptick in tourist arrivals. Benjamin Hernandez Rodriguez, the Secretary of Tourism in Tamaulipas, shared that the tourist influx for 2023 has surpassed last year’s numbers. Current estimates predict that December will witness around 11.7 million visitors, surpassing the 2022 record of 11.4 million visitors.… Read More

Cancun Gears Up for Spectacular 2024 Carnival

The City Council of Benito Juárez in Cancun has kickstarted preparations for the much-anticipated Carnival in 2024. The First Ordinary Session with the Carnival Organizing Committee took place in the Presidents’ Hall of the Municipal Palace, where crucial decisions were made to ensure a seamless and secure event.… Read More

Puebla Emerges as Mexico’s Second Most Visited Heritage City

Puebla, the capital of the eponymous state, has ascended to the position of Mexico’s second most visited heritage city, marking a significant milestone in its tourism resurgence. Despite ranking seventh among overall tourist destinations in the country, Puebla’s Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, Alejandro Cañedo Priesca, emphasized its newfound status in an interview with the media.… Read More

Hidalgo’s Mountain Corridor Gears Up for Festive Season with Lights and Gastronomy

As winter approaches, the State Tourism Secretariat in Hidalgo is gearing up for a festive campaign celebrating December traditions and culinary delights along the picturesque Mountain Corridor route. The initiative will showcase tourism promotion efforts in Mineral del Chico and Tenango de Doria. Elizabeth Quintanar, the head of the tourism department in Hidalgo, revealed that the recently held Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos served as a prelude to the upcoming holiday-centric activities.… Read More

Jalisco Emerges as Mexico’s Tourism Leader with Record Growth

The state of Jalisco, Mexico, emerges as a frontrunner in the country’s tourism sector, boasting significant achievements in tourist influx, economic benefits, and hotel occupancy, thanks to successful strategies implemented by the Government of Jalisco through its Ministry of Tourism, Secturjal. The latest statistics reveal that by the end of October, Jalisco welcomed a staggering 28 million 373 thousand visitors, showcasing a notable 12% increase compared to the same period in the previous year when the figure was 25 million 222 thousand tourists.… Read More