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Durango, present in Tianguis Turístico

Elvira Silerio Díaz, alongside tourism entrepreneurs from the region, attended the Tianguis Turístico 2023 in Mexico City to attract investment to strengthen tourism in Durango. The event brought together experts at the national and international level, and productive discussions were held on area connectivity that could result in good news for Durango.… Read More

New flights to Tamaulipas are announced in Tianguis Turístico

New flights have been announced in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas during the Tianguis Turístico 2023 event held in Mexico City. The new routes are expected to generate economic benefits and will facilitate the mobility of people and goods. Aerus company announced its new routes in the state which will cover Ciudad Victoria, Tampico, and Matamoros. There will be four air routes in total that will strengthen the connectivity of the state: Monterrey-Matamoros, Monterrey-Tampico, Monterrey-Ciudad Victoria, and Matamoros-Tampico.… Read More

Mexico seeks to consolidate itself as one of the main tourist destinations in the world with a renewed Tourist Tianguis

Mexico is looking to reassert itself as one of the world’s top tourist destinations through the Tianguis Turístico, a business forum that brings together buyers and exhibitors from different industries in the tourism sector. The event will showcase over 1,000 companies, including several airlines, hotel groups and telecoms firms, all of which are looking to make business appointments to boost their growth and help Mexico develop as a tourist destination.… Read More

Southeast has potential for the development of Mexico

The Governor of Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama, has proposed promoting the southeast of Mexico as a region with great potential for development, which would improve the quality of life for citizens. During her participation in the Executive Commission of Tourism of the National Conference of Governors (Conago), she proposed five guidelines for moving towards a tourism development model that is “fairer and more responsible” and aligned with the New Agreement for Well-being and Development, which her government established.… Read More

Government promotes religious tourism in Sinaloa

The Ministry of Tourism in Sinaloa, Mexico, is promoting religious tourism in the state during the Easter holidays. The state is known for its beach destinations, such as Mazatlán, but it also has at least five communities in different municipalities that carry out traditional Holy Week activities, such as Via Crucis, which attracts a significant number of tourists. These places include Matatán, Malpica, Villa de Ahome, Tacuichamona, and San Ignacio.… Read More

Tourism in San Luis Potosí is promoted through the brand “San Luis Capital, a destination for all”

The City Council of San Luis Potosí in Mexico is launching a new brand, “San Luis Capital, a destination for all,” to promote tourism in the state capital to national and international visitors. The brand seeks to showcase the region’s beauty and deep-rooted history to a wider audience and position it as a preferred destination for Mexico and the world.… Read More

People enjoy the day off on March 20 in Bahía de Kino; 7 thousand tourists prefer it to Easter

Around 7,000 tourists visited Bahia de Kino on March 20 to take advantage of the March 21 bridge, according to local merchants. Most of the visitors were from the United States, Agua Prieta, Ciudad Juárez, and North Ensenada. Despite the cold front that hit the region, tourists like Carlos Duaiza Amaya and his family still enjoyed the beach. Carlos said that they preferred to go to the beach during the March 21 bridge rather than wait for Easter, as it would be more comfortable and there would be fewer drunkards.… Read More

Veracruz hotels reach 80% occupancy for long weekend

Hotels in the Veracruz-Boca del Río metropolitan area reached 80 percent occupancy during the long weekend preceding the Easter holiday season, according to the president of the Association of Hotels and Motels, César Muñiz Cuervo. He said that last week they began to receive important reservations that helped them achieve that percentage, despite the cold front that brought a northern event to the area. Some tourists changed their beach plans for other recreational activities in the region. Veracruz offers a variety of activities beyond the beaches, and this is an advantage for the region.… Read More

The XII edition of the Designer and Craftsman Expo in Tuxtepec 2023 is announced

The Designer and Craftsman Expo 2023 has been announced and will take place on April 7, 8 and 9 in the “Juárez” park in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. This will be the 12th edition of the event, and it will be the last one as the cycle of the event comes to a close, according to organizer Verónica Valis. However, she stated that more projects are coming to continue promoting artisans and entrepreneurs in Tuxtepec and the entire Cuenca region.… Read More

Sonora Rally will be from April 22 to 28

The Sonora Rally, an off-road race involving all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles, will take place in Mexico for the first time from April 22 to 28. The event, which has been running for nine years, is intended to promote the state of Sonora worldwide. The race is one of five stages that span several countries, including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and Morocco.… Read More

Tourism sector recovers in Querétaro

Querétaro’s meetings industry is bouncing back, with the holding of 112 congresses, conventions, expos, and fairs in 2023 generating an economic benefit of over 275 million pesos just for lodging. These figures are close to those recorded in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The Secretary of Tourism, Adriana Vega Vázquez Mellado, and the Secretary of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero, announced the news to nearly 100 businesspeople who are members of the meetings industry in Querétaro.… Read More

728 thousand tourists are expected in San Luis Potosí for this Holy Week

San Luis Potosí, Mexico, is preparing to receive approximately 728,000 tourists for Holy Week and Easter 2023. The Secretary of Tourism coordinated follow-up meetings in the four regions of the state to ensure the mobility of visitors between April 1 and 15 runs smoothly. Representatives of various institutions participated in the meetings to share their work strategies during the most important holiday season of the year.… Read More

New section “Animal Rescue in Mexico”

A new section has been added to visit-mexico.mx to promote animal welfare and support organizations dedicated to this cause. The new section titled “Animal Rescue in Mexico” can be found in the CONTACT menu on the website. The section features two prominent animal welfare organizations in Mexico – Avenue Dogs and Burrolandia, and we hope to add more organizations to this section in the future.… Read More

Puebla expects a record number of visitors for the 2023 Equinox Festival

Chignahuapan, a small and charming town located in the Mexican state of Puebla, is gearing up to welcome visitors from all over the world for the “Equinoccio Festival 2023”. The festival is a two-day event that celebrates the arrival of spring with traditional Mexica rituals and cosmogony. The Secretary of Tourism in Puebla, Martha Ornelas, and the town’s President, Lorenzo Rivera Nava, recently held a press conference to announce the upcoming festival.… Read More

20,000 visitors are expected at the gastronomic festival in Tulancingo

The Tulancingo Gastronomic Festival with Flavor 2023 is set to take place from March 17 to 19 in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, organized by the municipal presidency for the first time. The festival aims to promote gastronomic tourism and generate economic benefits. It is expected that there will be 80 gastronomic exhibitors from the region, other municipalities with flavor such as Huejutla and Zempoala, and special guests from Tuxpan, Veracruz.… Read More

Quintana Roo goes for German tourism

Quintana Roo is sending a delegation to the Berlin Tourism Fair to promote its local destinations and attract German tourists. The fair, taking place from March 7 to 9, is one of the most important international tourist markets, and is expected to surpass the 2019 edition’s attendance figures of 113,500 visitors and 10,000 exhibitors. The theme of this year’s ITB Berlin 2023 Convention is “Master the Transformation.”… Read More

Mexico estimates revenue of more than 31 billion dollars for the tourism sector in 2023

Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism estimates that the country’s tourism sector will generate over $31 billion in revenue in 2023, representing an 11.3% increase from 2022 and a 26.8% increase from pre-pandemic levels in 2019. The economic recovery is expected to be fueled by the entry of 39.4 million international tourists to Mexico, 2.7% more than in 2022 and 12.6% higher than in 2019.… Read More

Hermosillo wins Guinness record for largest grilled meat in the world

Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, has broken the Guinness record for the largest roast meat in the world, previously held by Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in Quebec, Canada. More than 2,000 grillers participated in the event, using five tons of meat and 1,200 grills to cook it. The previous record had been achieved by 914 people, so Hermosillo more than doubled the figure.… Read More

Tourism in Mexico registers historical record

The Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) in Mexico has announced that the country’s Foreign Direct Investment in Tourism (IEDT) reached a historical record of $3.4 billion in 2022, surpassing the $1.1 billion captured in 2019 and the record set in 2017 of $1.6 billion. The IEDT for 2022 represented 9.8% of Mexico’s National Foreign Investment, according to the Ministry of Economy’s records.… Read More

CDMX Tourist Festival arrives at Paseo de la Reforma with special activities

Mexico City is gearing up for the 47th edition of the Tianguis Turístico, an event that will be hosted in the city for the first time. The event will take place from March 25 to 27, 2023, and is expected to attract over 15,000 businessmen and operators from the tourism sector. It aims to showcase the country’s rich cultural and tourist offerings to both domestic and international visitors.… Read More