MÉXICO » May-2024

Sinaloa Showcases Tourism at Guadalajara’s Arlag International Fair

In a bid to promote Sinaloa’s diverse tourist attractions, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, head of the Sinaloa Tourism Department, joined forces with the Hotel and Motel Associations of Mazatlán and Los Mochis to participate in the Arlag International Fair in Guadalajara. This significant event, held from May 22 to 24, aims to boost tourism by showcasing the state’s offerings.… Read More

Durango Announces Exciting Lineup for “Feria Nacional Francisco Villa Durango 2024”

The Secretary of Tourism in Durango, Elisa Haro Ruiz, has announced the much-anticipated “Feria Nacional Francisco Villa Durango 2024,” set to take place from July 19 to August 4. This event promises nearly 30 days of vibrant activities, including music performances, livestock exhibitions, mechanical rides, charro shows, sports activities, and wrestling matches.… Read More

Cancún’s Future: Sustainable and Well-Organized Growth

In a cordial meeting with representatives of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) Quintana Roo Delegation, Ana Paty Peralta, the candidate for the municipal presidency of Benito Juárez, laid out her vision for a stronger, fairer, more opportunity-filled, and sustainable Cancún. Her goal is to consolidate the city into a model of shared prosperity and well-being.… Read More

Promising Vacation Season for Tourism in Yucatán

The head of the Ministry of Tourism Development (Sefotur), Michelle Fridman Hirsch, announced a positive outlook for Yucatán’s vacation season, projecting another record-breaking year based on current data and trends observed in 2024 so far. The optimistic forecast comes as the state continues to build on its growing tourism success.… Read More

Massive Turnout for “Pink Tide” Protests Across Mexico and Abroad

On Sunday, May 19, numerous marches and rallies took place across Mexico and abroad, organized by the “Pink Tide” movement. Originating in 2022, this movement aims to defend the National Electoral Institute (INE) and has evolved into an opposition force against the ruling party, Morena. The movement now promotes voting for Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz and other opposition candidates.… Read More

Boosting Tourism in the Mexican Caribbean: New Strategies for Success

In the stunning Mexican Caribbean, the renowned tourist hotspots of Cancún, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres are implementing innovative strategies to enhance their appeal and sustain their status as top global travel destinations. By focusing on both digital and infrastructural improvements, these destinations aim to attract new visitors while ensuring a high satisfaction rate among returning tourists.… Read More

Guanajuato Lights Up Times Square

A tourism ad for Guanajuato has captivated the bustling crowds of Times Square in New York City, USA. The vibrant charm of Guanajuato has transcended borders, finding a place on the iconic screens of Times Square. This eye-catching tourism advertisement has captured the attention of passersby in one of the most famous locations in the world.… Read More

Boost in International Tourism to Mexico in March 2024

In March 2024, Mexico witnessed a notable increase in international tourism, with a 10.6% rise in tourist arrivals compared to the same month in the previous year. This surge brought the total number of international visitors to 4.12 million, up from 3.73 million in March 2023. The data, released by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), highlights the continuing trend of growth in the country’s tourism sector.… Read More

Tianguis Turístico 2024: Acapulco Showcases Renewal and Splendor

As Mexico’s tourism horizon glistens with the vibrant colors of its cultural diversity and richness, the nation gears up for one of the most anticipated events in the tourism industry: Tianguis Turístico 2024. This event, a hub for business, culture, and tourism, is proudly hosted by Acapulco, a city that skillfully blends the charm of tradition with innovation and development.… Read More

Gran Acuario Mazatlán Celebrates Its First Anniversary with New Aviary Addition

The Gran Acuario Mazatlán ‘Mar de Cortés’ marked its first anniversary with significant milestones, including surpassing over a million visitors within its inaugural year. The celebration was further highlighted by the inauguration of a new aviary called ‘El Nido,’ which aims to provide a sanctuary for parrots, macaws, and parakeets rescued from illegal trafficking.… Read More

Boost in North American Tourists to Southern Quintana Roo

Southern Quintana Roo is witnessing a surge in tourism from the United States, a market that has struggled to rebound until now. According to Raúl Andrade Angulo, president of the Hotel Association of the Center and South of Quintana Roo, the area is seeing a significant influx of North American visitors. This boost is largely attributed to the establishment of new direct flights offered by various American airlines to Tulum International Airport, along with intensified promotional efforts highlighting the region’s attractions.… Read More

Surge in Foreign Tourism to Mexican Beaches Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels

Between January and March of this year, nearly 10 million foreign tourists arrived at Mexican beach airports via air, setting a new record, according to quarterly reports from airport groups including Asur (Southeast), Gap (Pacific), and Oma (Central North). The total of 9.9 million international tourists landing at 11 beach airports represents an 8.6 percent increase over last year and is the highest number recorded for the first quarter since the pre-pandemic years of 2019 and 2020.… Read More

Mazatlán Hotels Reach Full Capacity in May

Mazatlán has kicked off May with a remarkable 100% hotel occupancy rate, driven by a series of major events including Motorcycle Week, the Mazatlán Cup, and the Lions Club convention. Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, office manager of the Ministry of Tourism in Sinaloa, shared these insights during the opening of the 86th Convention of District B3 of the Lions Club. He emphasized the significance of these gatherings for boosting local tourism and economy, even though specific economic impact figures are yet to be disclosed.… Read More

Sonora Leads Economic Growth Among Mexican Border States

Sonora has emerged as a leader among Mexico’s border states, achieving the highest economic growth in 2023, according to the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services, and Tourism in Sonora (Fecanaco). Martín Zalazar Zazueta, the president of the chamber, hailed this as a significant accomplishment for the administration of Governor Alfonso Durazo Montaño.… Read More