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In autumn, tourists prefer the Sierra and Magical Towns of Sonora

As the days grow shorter and temperatures begin to cool, tourists in search of vibrant autumn experiences are steering away from the traditional beach getaways and flocking to the captivating Sierra de Sonora and its enchanting Magical Towns. According to the Association of Tour Operators, Guides, and Tourist Hosts, there’s a burgeoning preference for these unique destinations this fall season.… Read More

CDMX’s Tourism Achievements Shine Bright in 2023

CDMX (Mexico City), the vibrant and historic capital of Mexico, continues to assert itself as a top-tier tourist destination, drawing in a staggering 11.9 million visitors, both national and international, throughout the year 2022, according to the local Tourism Secretariat. This bustling metropolis boasts a rich tapestry of attractions, with the Historic Center, the Alameda, Chapultepec, Polanco, the Basilica of Guadalupe, the Tlalpan-Taxqueña area, the Torre Mayor, and the Zona Rosa standing out as the most frequented areas.… Read More

World Tourism Day is celebrated in Cancun

Cancun’s Anahuac University marked World Tourism Day with a celebration centered around the theme “Tourism and Green Investments.” The event emphasized the critical role of tourism in regional and national development, citing its substantial contributions to job creation, income generation, foreign exchange, and the overall well-being of millions of people. In the previous year, Cancun welcomed nearly 20 million visitors, resulting in an impressive economic impact of $19.4 billion. However, the event also stressed the importance of sustainable practices in this industry, including the preservation of natural resources, biodiversity, historical heritage, and the well-being of local communities.… Read More

Hidalgo present at Tianguis Internacional de Pueblos Mágicos

Hidalgo, a Mexican state known for its rich cultural and tourist offerings, recently made its mark at the 2023 International Fair of Magical Towns held in Los Angeles, California. The event, hosted at The Shrine Expo Hall, served as a platform for nine municipalities in Hidalgo to highlight the region’s cultural and touristic treasures to a global audience. This gathering, which attracted 250 tour operators, hosted buyers, and entrepreneurs, saw participation from 142 Magical Towns spanning 26 Mexican states.… Read More

Big Celebration Planned for Revueltas Festival 2023 in Durango

Durango is gearing up for a massive celebration as the Revueltas Festival 2023 is set to take place from October 13 to 22. This cultural extravaganza promises to enrich the cultural heritage of Durango with an exuberant blend of festivities, joy, and vibrant colors. The festival will feature renowned artists including Río Roma, Napoleon, Horacio Franco, and many others. Considered the pinnacle of artistic expression in Durango, this event serves as a meeting ground for local, national, and international artists.… Read More

Mexico and its Magical Towns conquer Los Angeles, California with Tianguis Internacional

Mexico’s Magical Towns have taken Los Angeles, California by storm as the second edition of the International Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos kicked off at the Shrine Expo Hall. With over 6,000 eager visitors flocking to the event, including tourism industry leaders, travel agents, and tour operators, it’s clear that the charm of these 177 enchanting locations has captivated the hearts of many in the United States.… Read More

The tourism sector generated more than one billion pesos in one year

Tourism has emerged as a significant economic powerhouse in the state of Durango, mirroring its importance on a national scale. This captivating region has recently experienced remarkable growth in tourism, resulting in a substantial income influx. According to a recent report featured in a local newspaper, Durango’s tourism industry has contributed over one billion pesos to its economy within just one year. This achievement underscores Durango’s potential to ascend as a premier tourist destination.… Read More

Exhibition on the Magical Towns of Mexico in Los Angeles

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through Mexico’s picturesque Magical Towns as the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico (Sectur) brings the Second International Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos to Los Angeles. This exciting event is scheduled to run from Friday, September 23, to Sunday, September 25, featuring the participation of 24 Mexican states eager to showcase 138 Magical Towns.… Read More

Monarch butterflies boost tourism in Michoacán with a 12 percent increase in visitors

Tourist numbers are set to soar in Michoacán as the annual migration of monarch butterflies approaches. The state’s tourism authorities are anticipating a substantial 12 percent increase in visitor arrivals this year, along with a remarkable 22 percent boost in economic income compared to previous seasons. This delightful phenomenon, as stated by Roberto Monroy, Secretary of Tourism of Michoacán, is attributed to the presence of these majestic butterflies, whose arrival is eagerly awaited year after year.… Read More

50 million tourists arrive in hotel rooms in Nayarit in the first seven months of 2023

In a remarkable tourism boom, Nayarit, Mexico, welcomed a staggering 50.4 million tourists to its hotel rooms during the first seven months of 2023. This revelation came from Miguel Torruco Marqués, the Secretary of Tourism for the federal Government. His announcement showcased a robust surge in visitors, with national tourists dominating the scene, making up 73.1 percent of the total, while foreign tourists constituted 26.9 percent of the influx.… Read More

Chocolate Festival 2023 will be held from November 15 to 19 in Tabasco

The 2023 Chocolate Festival is set to take place in Villahermosa, Tabasco, from November 15 to 19, according to an announcement made during a press conference at the Government Palace. This marks the 12th edition of the festival, which was presented by Tabasco Governor Carlos Manuel Merino Campos, Mayor of Centro Yolanda Osuna Huerta, and Secretary of Tourism José Antonio Nieves Rodríguez, among other officials and business representatives.… Read More

Los Cabos, the secret paradise of Mexico that seeks to attract Spanish investors and tourists

Los Cabos, a hidden gem in Mexico, is setting its sights on attracting Spanish investors and tourists, with ambitious plans to host 100,000 Spanish visitors within the next five years. This influx of tourists could contribute a substantial 235 million euros to the region’s economy. Los Cabos is fast becoming an enticing prospect for international investors, who view this Mexican paradise as an excellent opportunity to develop high-end tourist projects, including the construction of luxury hotels, golf courses, and residential villas.… Read More

Exploring Guanajuato: Unmissable treasures of a colonial city

Guanajuato, a city recognized as a World Heritage Site since 1988, is emerging as the premier colonial destination for tourists in Mexico, boasting a diverse array of attractions. This charming city beckons travelers from all corners of the globe and offers an authentic Mexican experience like no other. Here, we’ve compiled a list of five unmissable places to explore during your visit.… Read More

In the Tourist Tianguis of Magical Towns in the US, the promotion of Puebla will be strengthened

In an exciting development for Puebla’s tourism sector, the state is gearing up to make a splash at the Second Edition of the International Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns Expo) in Los Angeles, California. Scheduled for September 22 to 24, this event is set to be a remarkable platform for Puebla’s promotion, according to Marta Ornelas Guerrero, the head of the Ministry of Tourism.… Read More

“The best is coming for tourism in Hidalgo”

Miguel Torruco Marqués, Secretary of Tourism for the Mexican federal government, has expressed his optimism about the future of tourism in Hidalgo, Mexico. In his recent statement, he assured that “the best is coming for tourism,” highlighting the upcoming International Fair of Magical Towns in Los Angeles as a significant opportunity for Hidalgo to strengthen its presence and consolidate its position as a tourist destination.… Read More

Tourism professionals from all over Mexico meet in Mazatlán

Tourism experts from across Mexico have gathered in the picturesque city of Mazatlán, brought together by the Skål organization to discuss and address issues of shared interest. Operating under the theme of “Doing Business with Friends,” Skål not only advances the professional sector but also actively supports local communities through participation in various local events and activities. This unique international group encompasses all facets of the tourism industry and boasts CEOs as its members, convening at local, national, regional, and global levels.… Read More

Hotel occupancy increases in Hidalgo, between 2021 and 2023

Over the past three years, Hidalgo has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in hotel room occupancy, indicating a strong revival of tourist activity in the region. Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, the head of Hidalgo’s Ministry of Tourism, has highlighted this trend, citing information from local hotel industry experts, and emphasized the sustained and growing economic recovery in the state.… Read More

Oaxaca and Guanajuato, allies in tourism promotion

Guanajuato, a state known for its rich cultural heritage and historical treasures, is set to strengthen its tourism sector through a newfound partnership with Oaxaca. This collaboration aims to boost the already substantial influx of Oaxacan tourists to Guanajuato, which currently stands at over 220,000 annually. This number is projected to surge by an additional 3,000 visitors following the commencement of direct flights between the two regions on July 12th, a development announced by Juan José Álvarez Brunei, Guanajuato’s Secretary of Tourism.… Read More

Huamantla becomes a successful tourism model for Tlaxcala

Under the leadership of Mayor Salvador Santos Cedillo, Huamantla has emerged as a shining example of successful tourism development in the Tlaxcala region. Over the past two years, this picturesque municipality has taken significant steps to bolster its reputation as a national and international tourist destination, particularly in the realms of sports, art, cuisine, and culture. Throughout this journey, the town has consistently showcased the grandeur of its people and its historical heritage.… Read More

Promoting tourism in San Luis Potosí: a promising capital

Efforts are underway to shed light on the hidden treasures of the stunning city of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Collaborative endeavors by various organizations aim to elevate it as a must-visit tourist destination. With its captivating landscapes, rich historical tapestry, and vibrant culture, San Luis Potosí stands as a unique and enchanting haven for avid travelers.… Read More

Awards for Tourism Innovation: 35 municipalities of Hidalgo participate

Tourism enthusiasts and service providers hailing from 35 municipalities across Hidalgo are gearing up to showcase their creativity and innovation as they vie for recognition in the prestigious “Tourism Innovation Awards.” These awards, organized by the State Secretary of Tourism, are set to commend the finest practices in the tourism sector and promise to be a game-changer for the industry.… Read More

Tourism in Michoacán increased in the summer of this year

The State Secretary of Tourism (Sectur) in Michoacán, Roberto Monroy García, has just revealed some promising news for the local tourism industry. According to his recent report, this summer saw a substantial uptick in tourism, with a total of 1,352,761 visitors descending upon the region. This represents an impressive 11.48 percent increase compared to the same period the previous year.

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Summer vacations in Tamaulipas close with an increase in tourism of 4% per year

Tamaulipas has wrapped up its summer vacation season in 2023 with a noteworthy 4% annual increase in tourism. Over the course of six weeks, approximately 3.8 million tourists flocked to the region, with more than half congregating in the southern destinations. This surge in tourism contributed significantly to the industry’s earnings, accumulating an impressive 3,406 million pesos.… Read More