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Nayarit Gears Up to Welcome Tourists for Holy Week

As the Easter holiday approaches, Nayarit is gearing up to welcome over a million tourists, both from within the country and abroad. Juan Enrique Suárez del Real Tostado, the Secretary of Tourism for the region, emphasized the recent accolades received by Nayarit, including recognition as the Best Destination and boasting the Best Beaches. These achievements have propelled Nuevo Nayarit and Punta de Mita into the top 10 Best Destinations list, setting the stage for an influx of visitors during the upcoming holiday period.… Read More

Mexican Caribbean Sets Sights on Foodies with Gastronomic Delights

The Mexican Caribbean is setting its sights on winning over the discerning palates of food enthusiasts, recognizing gastronomy as a pivotal component of its tourism appeal. Bernardo Cueto Riestra, the Secretary of Tourism in Quintana Roo, underscores the significance of catering to travelers who prioritize their dining experiences when choosing their next destination, commonly referred to as “foodies.”… Read More

Efforts Underway to Boost Tourism in Morelos

The business sector in Morelos is actively collaborating to fortify tourism in the region. Alejandro Uribe García, the vice president of Tourism at Canaco-Servytur Cuernavaca, emphasized the recent surge in the number of visitors during weekends and extended holidays. This uptick in tourism activity has prompted industry members to strategize for a successful upcoming season.… Read More

Hidalgo State Government Enhances Tourism Services Professionalism

In a bid to elevate the standard of tourism services in Hidalgo, the Ministry of Tourism is embarking on a journey to professionalize service providers, focusing on technological integration, promotion, dissemination, and management skills. Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, the head of the state’s tourism organization, highlighted ongoing efforts to equip individuals in these sectors with necessary competencies.… Read More

Boosting Tourism in Nogales: Leveraging Industrial and Commercial Opportunities

Hotels in Nogales are reaping the benefits of industrial and commercial tourism, with a significant portion of their business—up to 80%—stemming from this sector. Carlos Jiménez Robles, the president of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) in the city, formerly known as the Nogales Hotel and Motel Association, highlighted this trend. He emphasized that while industrial and commercial tourism dominate, about 20% of their clientele consists of travelers passing through the border or visiting family, attending sporting events, passport appointments, and other similar activities.… Read More

Tourism Uplifts 1.6 Million Residents of Mexico City

Tourism stands as a robust pillar of Mexico City’s economy, contributing significantly to its GDP and employment. According to Nathalie Desplas Puel, the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City, tourism represents 9.1% of the city’s GDP and nearly 18.74% of the country’s tourism GDP. This substantial contribution translates into more than 748 thousand direct jobs, benefiting approximately 1.6 million inhabitants of the city, which accounts for about 18% of the local population.… Read More

Whale and Whale Shark Sightings Thrill Tourists in Puerto Peñasco

In recent weeks, residents and visitors in Puerto Peñasco have been treated to a special sight: sightings of whales and whale sharks along the beaches. According to Luis César García González, the director of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) in Puerto Peñasco, these sightings, while awe-inspiring, pose no threat to humans as both species are non-aggressive.… Read More

“First Meeting of Tourism Innovation” Encourages Participation of Puebla’s University Students

In a bid to foster innovation and engagement among university students in Puebla, the Ministry of Tourism has announced the launch of the “First Meeting of Tourism Innovation” congress. Alongside this initiative, the continuation of the well-received program “Stories behind the Stove” has been unveiled, now rebranded as “Puebla, Knowledge and Creations of the Kitchen,” aimed at involving students from various educational institutions across the state.… Read More

Cozumel: Quintana Roo’s Newest Magical Town

Cozumel, a breathtaking island nestled in the heart of Quintana Roo, has now been officially recognized as the fourth Magical Town of the region. The designation ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of Governor Mara Lezama, along with Miguel Torruco Marqués, the federal Secretary of Tourism, and municipal leaders from the state’s quartet of Magical Towns.… Read More

Solar Eclipse Draws Thousands of Tourists to Durango, Boosting Local Economy

As anticipation builds for the total solar eclipse set to grace the skies on April 8, 2024, Mexico gears up to welcome an influx of more than 20 thousand eager tourists, both domestic and international. Dubbed the “Great Mexican Eclipse” by the scientific community, Mexico boasts the optimal weather conditions for observing this celestial spectacle, with Durango emerging as a prime destination for enthusiasts.… Read More

Efforts Underway to Elevate Tamaulipas as Premier Tourist Destination

In a concerted effort to elevate Tamaulipas as a premier tourist destination on the global stage, the Ministry of Tourism has unveiled its strategic vision before a gathering of businessmen. Benjamín Hernández Rodríguez, the Secretary of Tourism, underscored the collaborative approach between the government and the business sector to bolster tourism initiatives, aiming to channel economic benefits across municipalities.… Read More

Over 50 Thousand Tourists Set to Disembark from Cruise Ships in Mazatlán This February

Mazatlán is bracing for an influx of tourists as it welcomes several cruise ships throughout February. With three vessels scheduled to arrive in the second week of the month – on February 13th, 14th, and 15th – along with four that visited earlier in February and four more expected later in the month, the city anticipates hosting over 50 thousand visitors during this period.… Read More

Sonora Records Historic Tourism Numbers, Boosting Economic Impact

In a promising turn of events, Sonora witnessed a surge in international visitors throughout 2023 compared to the previous year, significantly amplifying the economic vibrancy of its tourist destinations. The trend continued into January this year, with an impressive nearly 40% increase in foreign air passengers compared to the same period last year, as reported by the Convention and Visitors Bureau.… Read More

Valentine’s Day Sparks Tourism Surge in Cancun, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta

Valentine’s Day, known as the Day of Love and Friendship in some regions, is set to ignite a surge in tourism in popular Mexican beach destinations such as Cancun, San José del Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta. Allianz Partners, a leading global provider of travel assistance services, has identified a significant uptick in travel to these locations, particularly favored by American tourists.… Read More

Discover Relaxation and Adventure at Hidalgo Spas

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Hidalgo state lies the Tlaco Ecological Aquatic Park, a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation boasting natural jacuzzis, hot springs, and cozy cabins. Situated in the serene corner of Tlacotlapilco within the Chilcuautla municipality, this park offers an idyllic escape from urban clamor, inviting visitors to unwind and indulge in the therapeutic benefits of its pristine surroundings. With nature at its core, Tlaco promises a blend of relaxation and adventure for families, friends, and solo travelers alike.… Read More

Pachuca Carnival Parade Set for February 17

Get ready for a vibrant display of culture and tradition as the Pachuca carnival parade is scheduled to kick off this Saturday, February 17, starting at 11 a.m. in Hidalgo. With over 30 municipalities and more than 30 groups participating, the event promises to be a spectacular showcase of dances and traditions, transforming the main streets of the state capital into a colorful celebration. Organizers are eager for this event to become a national reference, aiming to spotlight Hidalgo as a prime tourist destination.… Read More

Benito the Giraffe Boosts Tourism in Puebla

Benito the giraffe’s arrival at Africam Safari in Puebla is making waves in the world of tourism, according to Alejandro Cañedo Priesca, the head of the Ministry of Economy and Tourism. The presence of this majestic creature has sparked a surge in tourism, putting Puebla on the international map and drawing visitors from all corners of the globe.… Read More

Durango Gears Up for Solar Eclipse Event

As the eagerly anticipated solar eclipse event on April 8 draws near, Elisa Haro Ruiz, the head of Durango’s Ministry of Tourism, has highlighted ongoing preparations within the region. With a particular focus on the sale of specialized lenses crucial for safely observing the astronomical spectacle, Ruiz emphasized that local suppliers have been making significant purchases of these essential items, sparking considerable anticipation among the population.… Read More

Cuernavaca Carnival Returns After Half a Century

In a revival of cultural heritage and community spirit, the Cuernavaca Carnival is set to make a triumphant return after more than 50 years. Spearheaded by the Cuauhnáhuac Renace Collective, an assembly representing various neighborhoods and communities within the capital of Morelos, the carnival’s resurrection marks a significant milestone in the city’s cultural calendar. Scheduled for next Tuesday, February 13th, festivities will kick off at 5:00 p.m. with the iconic Chinelo jump in the heart of the historic center’s zócalo.… Read More

Cancun Continues to Dominate Foreign Tourism in Mexico

Once again, Cancun has solidified its status as the primary destination for international travelers in Mexico. The latest statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism reveal that in 2023, Cancun International Airport welcomed a staggering 47.7% of all international air travelers entering Mexico. This translates to approximately 10.42 million visitors, out of a national total of 21.8 million.… Read More

Sonora Anticipates Hotel Boom with Long Weekend “Bridge”

A resurgence in hotel occupancy is on the horizon for Sonora as the city anticipates a 40% rebound starting this weekend, thanks to the extended “long weekend” commemorating the promulgation of the 1917 Constitution. Martín Soria Rivera, president of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) of Navojoa, revealed that the current occupancy stands at 60%, but expectations are high for it to spike to 90% during the upcoming Coffee Festival. This event is set to draw merchants and artisans from various parts of the state.… Read More

Morelos Emerges as Premier Wedding Tourism Destination

In a strategic move, tourism entrepreneurs in Morelos are shifting their focus towards wedding tourism as the primary driver of the industry. Margarita González Saravia, a key figure in the sector, has collaborated with business leaders during a visit to Jiutepec municipality, home to a plethora of wedding venues. Discussions revealed that around 100 weddings are hosted every weekend in Morelos, emphasizing the thriving nature of this niche.… Read More