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Ixmiquilpan Crowned Most Popular Destination in Hidalgo for Holy Week

For the second year running, Ixmiquilpan has emerged as the most visited location in Hidalgo during Holy Week, thanks to its alluring spas, the Hidalgo Ministry of Tourism announced. Elizabeth Quintanar Ramírez, the state’s Secretary of Tourism, reported that the town retained its top spot through the holiday, drawing significant crowds particularly over the peak days of Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. Initial estimates suggest that the town played host to 1.5 million visitors, a number expected to climb to 2 million in light of the Santiago de Anaya Gastronomic Exhibition, which opened on April 6.… Read More

Discover Hidalgo’s Wonders: A Journey Through 12 Must-Visit Sites

Hidalgo, a state rich in culture, history, and natural beauty, offers an array of unforgettable experiences for every type of traveler. From its capital, Pachuca de Soto, affectionately known as “La Bella Airosa,” visitors can explore a blend of modernity and tradition. The city is home to the iconic Monumental Clock, the Rehilete Museum with its captivating exhibits, and a historic center that showcases stunning colonial architecture. This is just the beginning of a journey that reveals the magic of Hidalgo through its 12 essential destinations.… Read More

Hidalgo State Government Enhances Tourism Services Professionalism

In a bid to elevate the standard of tourism services in Hidalgo, the Ministry of Tourism is embarking on a journey to professionalize service providers, focusing on technological integration, promotion, dissemination, and management skills. Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, the head of the state’s tourism organization, highlighted ongoing efforts to equip individuals in these sectors with necessary competencies.… Read More

Discover Relaxation and Adventure at Hidalgo Spas

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Hidalgo state lies the Tlaco Ecological Aquatic Park, a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation boasting natural jacuzzis, hot springs, and cozy cabins. Situated in the serene corner of Tlacotlapilco within the Chilcuautla municipality, this park offers an idyllic escape from urban clamor, inviting visitors to unwind and indulge in the therapeutic benefits of its pristine surroundings. With nature at its core, Tlaco promises a blend of relaxation and adventure for families, friends, and solo travelers alike.… Read More

Pachuca Carnival Parade Set for February 17

Get ready for a vibrant display of culture and tradition as the Pachuca carnival parade is scheduled to kick off this Saturday, February 17, starting at 11 a.m. in Hidalgo. With over 30 municipalities and more than 30 groups participating, the event promises to be a spectacular showcase of dances and traditions, transforming the main streets of the state capital into a colorful celebration. Organizers are eager for this event to become a national reference, aiming to spotlight Hidalgo as a prime tourist destination.… Read More

Hidalgo Invests 10 Million Pesos to Boost Magical Towns

The Secretary of Tourism for the state of Hidalgo, Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, has announced a substantial investment of 10 million pesos to enhance the allure of the Magical Towns in the region. This financial allocation, approved by the state Congress, aims to address long-standing issues of neglect in infrastructure and signage within the nine municipalities holding the coveted Magical Town distinction.… Read More

Hidalgo Targets Culinary Excellence to Boost Tourism by 2024

Hidalgo Tourism Secretary Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez has outlined ambitious plans to elevate the state’s gastronomy as a key driver of tourism by 2024. In an interview with Criterio, she expressed satisfaction with the positive balance achieved by the state tourism agency. Quintanar Gómez highlighted various initiatives, including the promotion of the national airport and international efforts in countries such as Spain.… Read More

Hidalgo Tourism Thrives in 2023: Achievements and Growth

The Ministry of Tourism in Hidalgo, led by Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, has declared 2023 a year of significant success for the region’s tourism sector. Gómez highlighted that the department has diligently worked towards elevating the Hidalgo tourist brand both nationally and internationally, aiming to attract more visitors to the diverse attractions the state has to offer.… Read More

Hidalgo to Unveil Directory Celebrating Traditional Ancestral Cooks

In a bid to showcase and celebrate the culinary richness embedded in the traditional cooks of Hidalgo, the state’s Tourism Secretariat is in the process of conducting a comprehensive census across its 12 regions. Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, the head of the Tourism Secretariat, expressed her excitement about bringing to light the invaluable wealth of traditional ancestral cooks who have been preserving their culinary heritage in the towns of Hidalgo.… Read More

Hidalgo Hotel Suppliers Expo Boosts Networking and Services

In a concerted effort to stimulate economic growth within the state and elevate service standards in the hotel and tourism industry, the Hidalgo Hotel Suppliers Expo is set to take place in Pachuca. Organized by the Mexican Association of Hoteliers and Motels in Hidalgo, Profeco, the Secretariat of Tourism, and the Chamber of Commerce Services and Tourism in Hidalgo, the event aims to establish a virtuous economic circle.… Read More

Hidalgo’s Mountain Corridor Gears Up for Festive Season with Lights and Gastronomy

As winter approaches, the State Tourism Secretariat in Hidalgo is gearing up for a festive campaign celebrating December traditions and culinary delights along the picturesque Mountain Corridor route. The initiative will showcase tourism promotion efforts in Mineral del Chico and Tenango de Doria. Elizabeth Quintanar, the head of the tourism department in Hidalgo, revealed that the recently held Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos served as a prelude to the upcoming holiday-centric activities.… Read More

National Magical Towns Fair Kicks Off in Pachuca

he fifth edition of the National Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos, hosted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Mexican government and the government of Hidalgo, was inaugurated at the Gota de Plata Auditorium. The event saw the participation of 1,800 guests and representatives from 177 magical towns across the country. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on Wednesday at 11:00 am at the fairgrounds.… Read More

Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos: Hidalgo Hosts 5th Edition

Hidalgo is poised to become a bustling hub of tourism, culture, art, and gastronomy as it welcomes 171 municipalities to the 5th edition of the Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos. Scheduled from November 22 to 25, this grand event will unfold at the Pachuca fairgrounds, celebrating the natural and heritage beauty of these localities. The occasion also underscores the significant role played by the Federal Tourism Secretariat and Hidalgo Tourism Secretariat in shaping the tourist identity of Mexico on both national and international fronts.… Read More

Governor of Hidalgo Joins Xantolo 2023 Festival Celebrations

As part of the vibrant Xantolo 2023 festivities, Governor of Hidalgo, Julio Menchaca Salazar, took a tour of the ceremonial center set up at the heart of Huejutla de Reyes’ main square. Accompanied by the municipal president, Daniel Andrade Zurutuza, and key members of his administration, the state leader celebrated the efforts of hundreds of dedicated individuals who had invested months of hard work into creating this spectacular cultural stage. The event featured captivating artistic performances by groups representing the region.… Read More

Mexican ‘Magical Towns’ Transformed with Vibrant Colors

In a celebration of art and culture, the “Magical Routes of Color” program has recently brought a burst of creativity to several “Magical Towns” and a neighborhood in Mexico. From October 23 to 26, the picturesque towns of Metztitlán, Acaxochitlán, and Tecozautla, along with the charming neighborhood of El Arbolito, underwent a transformative makeover, with vibrant brushstrokes adorning their streets and facades.… Read More

Hidalgo Shines in France with Gastronomic Showcase

In a remarkable initiative to boost tourism and put Hidalgo on the international map, Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, the head of Hidalgo’s Ministry of Tourism, recently concluded a successful 9-day tour of France. The primary aim of this visit was to lay the groundwork for the much-anticipated “Hidalgo Week in France” set for the following year. What made this tour stand out was its special focus on the rich gastronomic heritage of Hidalgo.… Read More

Expo Outlet 2023 to Showcase Hidalgo as a Romantic Getaway

Hidalgo is set to become a hotspot for romance tourism through Expo Outlet de Eventos 2023. This event, scheduled from October 18 to 22 at the Tapai Salon in San Javier, aims to promote Hidalgo as the perfect destination for couples in love. The expo will feature promotions on products, tourist packages, and services, offering attendees a glimpse of the state’s natural, cultural, and gastronomic treasures, making it an attractive option for romantic getaways.… Read More

National Day of Magical Towns Celebrated in Huasca

In a vibrant celebration, the National Day of the Magical Towns took center stage in Huasca, Hidalgo, as the head of Tourism in Hidalgo, Liz Quintanar Gómez, pledged to establish a platform for the nine Magical Towns to share experiences and collaboratively find solutions to uplift their communities. The picturesque Basaltic Prisms provided the stunning backdrop for this event, which took place on Thursday, the 5th of this month.… Read More

Hidalgo present at Tianguis Internacional de Pueblos Mágicos

Hidalgo, a Mexican state known for its rich cultural and tourist offerings, recently made its mark at the 2023 International Fair of Magical Towns held in Los Angeles, California. The event, hosted at The Shrine Expo Hall, served as a platform for nine municipalities in Hidalgo to highlight the region’s cultural and touristic treasures to a global audience. This gathering, which attracted 250 tour operators, hosted buyers, and entrepreneurs, saw participation from 142 Magical Towns spanning 26 Mexican states.… Read More

“The best is coming for tourism in Hidalgo”

Miguel Torruco Marqués, Secretary of Tourism for the Mexican federal government, has expressed his optimism about the future of tourism in Hidalgo, Mexico. In his recent statement, he assured that “the best is coming for tourism,” highlighting the upcoming International Fair of Magical Towns in Los Angeles as a significant opportunity for Hidalgo to strengthen its presence and consolidate its position as a tourist destination.… Read More

Hotel occupancy increases in Hidalgo, between 2021 and 2023

Over the past three years, Hidalgo has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in hotel room occupancy, indicating a strong revival of tourist activity in the region. Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez, the head of Hidalgo’s Ministry of Tourism, has highlighted this trend, citing information from local hotel industry experts, and emphasized the sustained and growing economic recovery in the state.… Read More

Awards for Tourism Innovation: 35 municipalities of Hidalgo participate

Tourism enthusiasts and service providers hailing from 35 municipalities across Hidalgo are gearing up to showcase their creativity and innovation as they vie for recognition in the prestigious “Tourism Innovation Awards.” These awards, organized by the State Secretary of Tourism, are set to commend the finest practices in the tourism sector and promise to be a game-changer for the industry.… Read More

Technological development will be promoted for the tourism and business sector in Hidalgo

In a bid to foster innovation and usher in new technological advancements for the betterment of the business and tourism sectors, the National Chamber of Commerce, Services, and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur) has introduced the Business and Travel Development and Innovation Center (CDIET). This initiative stands as a platform poised to offer diverse competitive edges to enterprises.… Read More

Nature tourism in Hidalgo is expected to triple

In a promising forecast, Elizabeth Quintanar, the visionary head of Tourism in Hidalgo, has unveiled a captivating vision for the region’s future. Envisioning a threefold surge in nature tourism, she has pinpointed agrotourism and ethnotourism as the driving forces propelling this anticipated growth. The allure lies in the immersive experience these forms of tourism offer, enabling visitors to authentically engage with local inhabitants, witness agricultural practices, follow artisanal techniques from field to final product, and even relish the flavors firsthand.… Read More

Get to know these Hidalgo ecotourism centers for the summer

As summer vacation season kicks off, the ecotourism centers in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo, beckon visitors with promises of forest serenity, adventure, and loads of fun. Elizabeth Quintanar, the head of the State Tourism Secretariat, recently embarked on a tour of this charming town to promote its ecotourism offerings. The journey began at the Mangata ecotourism complex, a lush wooded area that boasts 15 cabins of various capacities, offering a soothing retreat for vacationers.… Read More

Urban Extreme Fest 2023 is presented for lovers of extreme sports

Urban Extreme Fest 2023, a thrilling sports festival catering to extreme sports enthusiasts, is just around the corner. Scheduled to take place on July 7, 8, and 9 in Hidalgo, this event organized by Platino Motocross is expected to draw in numerous visitors and tourists. Exciting disciplines such as motocross, free style, downhill, cycling, trail running, athletics, rzrs, and crossfit will be featured, with the festival’s president, Mauricio Montoya, eagerly anticipating a high turnout from adventure seekers.… Read More

Actopan will celebrate 477 years of its creation with activities

Actopan, a municipality in Hidalgo, is gearing up to commemorate its 477th anniversary with a range of cultural, gastronomic, and craft activities from June 30 to July 9. The mayor of Actopan, Tatiana Ángeles Moreno, announced the festivities at a press conference, revealing that over 100,000 visitors and tourists are expected to attend this long-standing tradition in the region.… Read More

15 municipalities of Hidalgo enroll in the Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns) program

Out of the 18 municipalities in Hidalgo that expressed interest in participating in the Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns) program and obtaining the designation in 2023, only 15 were able to complete the required documentation and submit their folders to the Federal Ministry of Tourism before the June 2 deadline, announced Isabel Quintanar, the head of the Secretary of Tourism in the state.… Read More

Influencers will promote tourism in Hidalgo

The Mexican Employers’ Confederation (COPARMEX) in partnership with the federal Ministry of Tourism has launched the Impulsa Turismo promotion campaign to boost tourism in Hidalgo, Mexico. Ten young social media influencers are part of the campaign, tasked with creating content for their followers on various platforms to promote the state’s tourist attractions.… Read More

Destinations in Hidalgo that you should know if you like adventure tourism

The State of Hidalgo is promoting adventure tourism, showcasing its natural wonders, gastronomy, landscapes, and cultural events through the “Hidalgo ¡Tiene Algo!” video. Adventure tourism is expected to be the leading activity during Easter, offering magic, flavor, and fun for children and adults. The state is inviting tourists from across Mexico to experience some of the most impressive and beautiful destinations, including the Basaltic Prisms, Xoxafi Grottoes, Tolantongo Caves, Peña del Aire, and Los Mármoles National Park.… Read More

20,000 visitors are expected at the gastronomic festival in Tulancingo

The Tulancingo Gastronomic Festival with Flavor 2023 is set to take place from March 17 to 19 in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, organized by the municipal presidency for the first time. The festival aims to promote gastronomic tourism and generate economic benefits. It is expected that there will be 80 gastronomic exhibitors from the region, other municipalities with flavor such as Huejutla and Zempoala, and special guests from Tuxpan, Veracruz.… Read More

Hidalgo is in carnival with typical costumes and characters

The Hidalgo Secretary of Tourism in Mexico has announced that Pachuca will host the “Hidalgo is in Carnival” parade, one of the country’s most joyous traditions. The parade is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 18th, and is expected to draw more than 30,000 tourists from across the country. The carnival features the participation of more than 52 “comparsas” and 50 municipalities from across the state, who spend a year preparing for the festivities to keep the traditions alive. Visitors will enjoy the most representative gastronomy and crafts from the different regions participating in this event.… Read More

“Aquilesva” by chef Aquiles and other productions, the new bet of Tourism in Hidalgo

The Hidalgo Secretary of Tourism in Mexico is using the audiovisual market to promote the natural beauties of the region, including a series of 36 episodes called “Aquilesva”, with Chef Aquiles, focused on local gastronomy. The region is also launching a WhatsApp centre which allows tourists to access information on the local area, including places to stay and eat, and activities available. The centre can be accessed through a QR code or a number, which will provide automatic information to help guide visitors. Hidalgo is the first region to offer this service and plans to work with other nearby states to showcase what the region has to offer.… Read More

First National Enduro Championship in the most magical Magic Town, Mineral Del Chico

The first national enduro championship has finally arrived in Mexico’s most magical town, Mineral del Chico. This exciting event has been highly anticipated by thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike, and is set to be one of the highlights of the year. Mineral del Chico is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and natural beauty, making it the perfect location for this adrenaline-fueled competition. … Read More