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Ecotourism and Adventure in Aguascalientes

Ecotourism in Aguascalientes is lived in semi-desert landscapes, dams and trails surrounded by nature and cave paintings. Living ecotourism in Aguascalientes, you will love the beauty of its natural settings and the experiences that you can live here. The state is made up of vast semi-desert landscapes, with oases surrounded by water and fun ecotourism activities. In Aguascalientes there are several spaces close to the city where you can spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle, in a much calmer and quieter environment, as well as of course getting a little active and exercising a little.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Campeche

Ecotourism in Campeche is lived between majestic jungles and mangroves, fill your vacations with unforgettable adventures! If you are looking to reconnect with nature and live it to the fullest, you will love ecotourism in Campeche. Get ready to go through jungles surrounded by tropical jungle and Mayan culture, mangroves and petenes surrounded by rich wildlife.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Acapulco

Acapulco as well as different destinations in Mexico have decided to have a new vision and be part of a positive change by being sustainable tourist destinations; In other words, each destination now seeks to reduce the impact it generates on the environment and above all to generate benefits for the host communities. Ecotourism consists of visiting natural areas without disturbing them and thereby achieving the preservation of heritage and the awareness of visitors. Acapulco has always been characterized as being preferred by national and foreign tourists due to its paradisiacal beaches and various attractions, however it has a vast biodiversity. It should be noted that Guerrero is in the 4th national place in this area. If we mix the great offer of meetings and the biodiversity that the destination has, surely any event held in Acapulco will be unmatched.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo you will enjoy all water sports… ski, parachute ride, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-ski, banana boat ride, sail-boards, surfing and many, many more. Sports available on Playa La Ropa, Playa Las Gatas, Playa El Palmar and Playa Linda beaches and also at the Island. Of course, you don’t need to rent anything to have a fun time swimming, jogging, playing beach volleyball or soccer, among the many other activities that you can do in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Zacatecas

Zacatecas offers a great variety of natural wonders, starting with its sky, famous for being clear most of the time. The land here is a deep red, because of the iron minerals, and the sky is an endless blue. This fertile land is good for agriculture and livestock as well and its wonderful rock formations, canyons, mines and other natural beauties offer a wide variety of options for the whole family.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Quintana Roo

In Quintana Roo there are wonderful natural attractions such as the majestic mangroves, the exuberant jungle, the coral reefs, the mystical cenotes and the mysterious underwater caverns. In Cancun and some other destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, it is also possible to admire, live and learn about the conservation of different species of animals, as well as marvel at the diversity of flora characteristic of the area.… Read More

Water Sports in Cozumel

If you are looking for a place with diverse options where each member of the family finds interesting activities, Cozumel is one of the best choices: for the most daring, diving or snorkeling to get to know one of the most important reefs in the world, through kayaking, kite boarding and wind surfing for those who prefer to stay close to the shore, even sport fishing, for family members who prefer to spend a quieter time.… Read More

Water Sports in the Riviera Maya

The perfect climate and best weather for Water Sports can be found in the Riviera Maya! Enjoying a day under the bright sun, might be something you find hard to stop doing on your relaxed vacations, just the idea of leaving the comfort of the white sand beaches, but when you do you’re rewarded with clear waters for great visibility and year-round warm water, you won’t resist the idea of practicing great water sports. We offer a great variety of water activities for you to choose from, sports like jet skiing and wave runners, parasailing, snorkeling tours, scuba diving trips, swimming with dolphins and deep sea fishing trips that will get you out on the water and let you be active!… Read More

Water Sports in Cancun

In this destination you will find several marinas that offer water activities, with professional guides and operators who operate excellent fleets. There is an almost unlimited variety of activities, you can rent a jet ski or catamaran, take a tour through the mangroves driving a speedboat, travel in a submarine, snorkel in one of the reefs of Cancun, Cozumel or Puerto Morelos, or else dive in one of the sunken ships that are between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Cancun has 23 kilometers of beaches of fine white sand and turquoise blue waters, considered among the best and most beautiful in the world. They are ideal for all kinds of water activities.… Read More

Eco Parks in Quintana Roo

Other options to experience adventure in Quintana Roo are the various natural, thematic, adventure, extreme and aquatic parks where in addition to living exciting and entertaining experiences it is possible to get in touch with nature. Xavage: It is an extreme adventure park with various activities that include a suspended rope circuit, a horizontal zip line, driving an all-terrain vehicle and rafting. Maya Park: Located in the hotel zone of Cancun, it offers a series of activities whose theme is “culture through adventure.” The tour begins with a video that tells the history of the Mayans, continuing with a zip line flight and boat rides through the Nichupté Lagoon. Finally, you will go through the Mayan Path, where you can participate in a Mayan dance and appreciate some elements of this culture.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Puebla

Due to the natural richness of the state, there are a wide selection of activities for people who love nature, such as mountain climbing, photography, horseback riding, hiking, fishing, rafting (through rapids) speleology, hang gliding (delta and paraglide) cycling, camping and rappel among others.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Oaxaca

Oaxaca, located in the southeast of Mexico, is an example of a singular miscegenation that even in the midst of modernity never forgets its origins. In its varied geography, it brings together not only a vast biodiversity, considered among the largest in the world, but also insurmountable cultural and ethnic riches, and the most different and beautiful natural settings. An ideal space for Alternative Tourism, Oaxaca offers activities such as walking, mountain biking, rappelling, climbing, zip-lining, horseback riding, observation of flora and fauna and more, in close contact with nature. The visitor can also witness the various aspects of local life, savor the gastronomy and enjoy the warmth of its people, as well as an offer of accommodation in hotels, ecotourism cabins, local houses or excellent camping areas.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Nayarit

Ecotourism in Nayarit is consolidated as an option to the “sun and beach” product. The destination offers new market niches such as Alternative Tourism for those visitors who seek to enjoy nature safely and reliably. In the region there are a wide variety of companies dedicated to Adventure Tourism, Ecotourism and Rural Tourism, which offer countless tours with outdoor activities such as hiking, canyoning, rappelling, and even gastronomic experiences of typical regional cuisine, thus enriching the tourist offer of the destination.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in Chiapas

Ecotourism in Chiapas is currently one of the most popular tourist trends in the state, with activities that try not to alter nature, thus preserving the ecosystem, flora and fauna, while encouraging sustainable development processes in indigenous communities that remain in the region. Responsibly enjoy a vacation in Chiapas and discover the hidden secrets of the state such as impressive natural sanctuaries and indigenous communities in the heart of the jungle where ancestral traditions still try to survive.… Read More

Ecotourism and Adventure in CDMX

Ecotourism is one of the main economic activities in Mexico and the world, this is because every day more people move from their place of residence to other destinations with different objectives. For this reason and for the sector to meet the needs of each type of visitor, tourism has chosen to differentiate itself taking into account what motivates people to travel. On this occasion we will focus on ecotourism and yes, although many do not imagine that within this great city there is space for areas destined for this activity in Mexico City there is an offer for travelers who seek to coexist with the environment. Ecotourism takes place in natural areas and its purpose is the appreciation and knowledge of nature.… Read More