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Exploring Veracruz’s Hidden Historical Gems

Veracruz is widely known for its scenic beaches attracting countless tourists yearning for sun and sand. However, the state also offers a rich tapestry of historical tourism that many are yet to discover. Veracruz, comprised of 212 municipalities, houses several lesser-known sites that are not only steeped in history but are also visually stunning.… Read More

Veracruz Eyes Tourist Boost Through Caravan Campaign

To enhance tourism and draw more visitors, various business sectors in Veracruz have embarked on a promotional journey across the country, employing tourist caravans as their primary strategy. This initiative sees the collaboration of hoteliers from the Veracruz – Boca del Río metropolitan area, who are determined to showcase the state’s allure far and wide.… Read More

Veracruz Anticipates Full Hotels for Easter 2024

As the Easter holidays approach, Veracruz is brimming with optimism, with tourist service providers and municipal officials projecting an impressive 100% hotel occupancy rate for the season’s first week. Mayor Patricia Lobeira Rodríguez highlighted the city’s readiness to welcome the influx of visitors, pointing to the positive turnout and bustling beaches during a recent long weekend as a promising indicator of what’s to come.… Read More

Veracruz: A New Tourism Frontier

In an intriguing turn of events, Veracruz has begun to attract an unexpected crowd of tourists from non-traditional countries, marking a significant shift in its visitor demographics. According to Guillermo Macías Lagunes, the general secretary of the Permanent Assembly of Civil Associations with the Culture and Tourism Commission, there has been a noticeable increase in travelers from Poland, a country not previously known for its citizens’ travel to Latin America, and particularly Mexico. This new trend highlights the global interest in the rich cultural experiences offered by the region.… Read More

Convention Tourism Boosts Veracruz Economy During Low Season

Convention tourism emerges as a crucial lifeline for service providers in the region, offering a vital source of income independent of peak seasons, according to Sergio Lois Heredia, President of the Metropolitan Tourism Council in Veracruz and Boca del Río. Emphasizing its significance, Heredia stated that convention tourism helps sustain a steady pace of work, especially during periods that are traditionally considered low season.… Read More

Veracruz Mountains: Anticipating 35,000 Christmas Visitors

Anticipating a surge in tourism, the regions of Altas Montañas and Xalapa in Veracruz are gearing up to welcome over 35 thousand visitors during the festive Christmas season. Popular destinations such as Perote, Las Vigas, Xalapa, Córdoba, Orizaba, and Coscomatepec are anticipating increased footfall as visitors flock to admire winter landscapes, purchase pine trees, and indulge in seasonal shopping.… Read More

Veracruz Aquarium Celebrates Record-Breaking Year with Nearly a Million Visitors

In an announcement by the State Attorney for the Environment, Sergio Rodríguez Cortés, it was revealed that the Aquarium of the Port of Veracruz welcomed an impressive 954,173 visitors in the period from November 2022 to November 2023. Cortés expressed optimism that the year-end figures might even breach the one-million mark, indicating a thriving interest in the facility.… Read More

Naolinco gears up for a Grand Day of the Dead Celebration

Naolinco, a charming Magical Town nestled in Veracruz, is eagerly preparing for a grand celebration during the upcoming Day of the Dead festivities. The town anticipates welcoming thousands of visitors who will revel in its cobblestone streets, savor its exquisite cuisine, peruse traditional shoe stores and leather product shops, and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere.… Read More

Magic Towns and Green Angels will give a new face to tourism in Veracruz

The Secretary of Tourism for the Mexican Government, Miguel Torruco Marqués, along with Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, embarked on a productive journey through the state of Veracruz. The primary objective was to catalyze actions that bolster the region’s tourism by enhancing its attractions, infrastructure, and more, ultimately yielding economic gains for the local populace.… Read More

Xallitic: The heart of Xalapa and the city’s new “Magical Neighborhood”

For over half a century, the residents of Barrio del Xallitic in Xalapa have united to cherish and restore the fountains, bridge, wash areas, and green spaces, which they consider the heart of their city. Among the prominent advocates for preserving traditions and promoting care is 74-year-old Doña Tebi. Their efforts are now turning Xallitic into the first Magical District in the state of Veracruz.… Read More

Xallitic will receive the appointment of Magical Neighborhood in August

Exciting news for Xalapa’s Xallitic neighborhood, as it is about to be officially recognized as a “Magical Neighborhood” in August. This prestigious designation will be conferred by Miguel Torruco Marqués, the federal tourism secretary, during his visit to Xalapa. The announcement was made by Iván Martínez Olvera, the Secretary of Tourism in Veracruz, who highlighted the significant national exposure and promotion this title will bring to the neighborhood.… Read More

45 million pesos are allocated to tourism promotion for Veracruz

Veracruz, Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Iván Martínez Olvera, recently announced that they have invested 45 million pesos in promoting tourism in the state through a two percent trust fund for lodging. This funding has been utilized for various national and international campaigns aimed at attracting visitors to Veracruz. Martínez Olvera highlighted that the impact of their efforts goes beyond the initial investment, as they benefit from numerous agreements, interviews, and meetings at the national level, which help promote Veracruz at no additional cost.… Read More

After eight years of waiting, Córdoba and Naolinco finally receive the title of Magical Town

Córdoba and Naolinco, two towns in Veracruz, Mexico, have finally been granted the coveted title of Magic Town after an eight-year wait. This designation, given by the federal Ministry of Tourism, is highly sought after as it guarantees an 8 percent increase in tourist activity and brings economic benefits to the region. The integration of these towns into the program was celebrated in Veracruz, with officials expressing their gratitude to Miguel Torruco Marqués, the head of the agency, and Iván Francisco Martínez Olvera, the State Secretary of Tourism and Culture, for their support and coordination.… Read More

Veracruz ready to enjoy the best salsa festival in the world

Anticipation is running high as Veracruz prepares to host what promises to be the most spectacular salsa festival worldwide in 2023. Iván Martínez Olvera, the Secretary of Tourism in Veracruz, expressed confidence in the upcoming event, stating that everything is in place for an unforgettable experience and that they are expecting a staggering 400,000 visitors.… Read More

Get to know the San Bartolo hot springs in Veracruz

The San Bartolo Hot Springs, located in the mountainous region of the municipality of Atzalan, Veracruz, is a perfect getaway for people looking to spend a weekend in a natural spa. The hot springs are not well known, so visitors might have the place to themselves or their family. The hot springs are formed from the Misantla River and are rich in minerals, emanating high-temperature water. Visitors can enjoy a crystal-clear view of turquoise waters, flora, and fauna.… Read More

Veracruz hotels reach 80% occupancy for long weekend

Hotels in the Veracruz-Boca del Río metropolitan area reached 80 percent occupancy during the long weekend preceding the Easter holiday season, according to the president of the Association of Hotels and Motels, César Muñiz Cuervo. He said that last week they began to receive important reservations that helped them achieve that percentage, despite the cold front that brought a northern event to the area. Some tourists changed their beach plans for other recreational activities in the region. Veracruz offers a variety of activities beyond the beaches, and this is an advantage for the region.… Read More

Partying at the Salsódromo! There are already dates to enjoy SalsaFest 2023

SalsaFest 2023 is just around the corner and it promises to be an unforgettable celebration of the best salsa music. The organizers have already confirmed the dates and it will take place on the first weekend of June, starting on Thursday, June 1st and ending on Saturday, June 3rd. The venue for the event will be the Salsodromo de Veracruz located on Vicente Fox boulevard in Boca del Río, Veracruz.… Read More

Discovery in La Pastora could attract tourism in Veracruz

A recent discovery in La Pastora, Veracruz could bring in a surge of tourists to the area. The discovery of a large indigenous settlement from the classic period of the Mesoamerican era has sparked interest among historians, archaeologists, and cultural enthusiasts alike. The settlement, which dates back to between 400 and 600 AD, is believed to have been inhabited by the Totonac people. … Read More