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National motorcycle tourism championship in Tamaulipas is confirmed

The ninth National Moto Tourism Championship has been confirmed to take place in Tamaulipas from May 30 to June 4. With an estimated participation of at least 800 motorcyclists from 25 countries, including Europe, the United States, and other continents, this event promises to be an exciting gathering for motorcycle enthusiasts. The participants, representing different associations, will be provided with comprehensive security measures throughout their journey, starting in Reynosa and culminating in the State Capital.… Read More

Tamaulipas promotes gastronomic tourism in Nuevo Laredo

The Secretary of Tourism in Tamaulipas, Mexico, has expressed the government’s commitment to promoting the Gastronomy of Tamulipas to boost the economy and tourism. The comments come after the success of the “Grill Fest Women on the Grill 2023” event held at the Cultural Center of the City of Nuevo Laredo, organized by the Association of Women in the Media.… Read More

New flights to Tamaulipas are announced in Tianguis Turístico

New flights have been announced in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas during the Tianguis Turístico 2023 event held in Mexico City. The new routes are expected to generate economic benefits and will facilitate the mobility of people and goods. Aerus company announced its new routes in the state which will cover Ciudad Victoria, Tampico, and Matamoros. There will be four air routes in total that will strengthen the connectivity of the state: Monterrey-Matamoros, Monterrey-Tampico, Monterrey-Ciudad Victoria, and Matamoros-Tampico.… Read More

Ministry of Tourism and Government of Madero agree to work for tourism reactivation

The government of Madero City, Tamaulipas, and the Ministry of Tourism have agreed to work together to promote tourism reactivation in the region. During a meeting between the Secretary of Tourism in Tamaulipas, Benjamín Hernández Rodríguez, and the municipal president of the city, Adrián Oseguera Kernión, they addressed issues related to various tourist spots in the city, and agreed to give greater impetus to infrastructure works in Playa Miramar, the highest destination of the state.… Read More