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Aguascalientes City Surroundings

In Aguascalientes there is much to admire, from springs to charming towns and old haciendas. Further exploration of the state often includes visits to mineral springs. In the countryside surrounding the capital there are also beautiful old haciendas and colonial buildings, spas and the imposing Sierra Fría. If you like sports, you can practice rock climbing, rappelling, fishing, mountain biking and camping in the rural areas of the state.… Leer Más

Campeche City Surroundings

Campeche is one of the states in the Mexican southeast that is worth visiting for its charming corners full of nature and cultural richness. Therefore, on this occasion, we present some of the most striking interesting sites in Campeche that will surely leave you speechless on your next trip. Take the best photos, fall in love with the best views, let yourself be surprised by its little towns full of history and learn more about the richness of this place.… Leer Más


It is the second largest city in Zacatecas and was founded by Francisco Ibarra in 1554. Throughout much of its history, the city’s fate has followed the boom and bust of the mines and you can see it in the streets and in the colonial-era buildings. Today, Fresnillo continues to stand as one of the world’s largest producers of silver. This city has been the birthplace of great artists and prominent politicians and offers several attractions including squares, monuments, gardens, museums and mines.… Leer Más

Puebla City Surroundings

Puebla has everything for that escape you long for, with its cloud forests, mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, rivers, lagoons and even volcanoes, together with its magical towns, its gastronomy and its culture. You don’t need to cross borders, board a plane or travel whole days by road to enter paradise. There are many places near Puebla to visit and enjoy. The surroundings of Puebla and its natural beauties are countless, the imposing Popocatepetl volcano, an excellent climate, the colorful markets, its flavors and textures, and the smile of a local child that makes you feel at home is never lacking.
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Oaxaca City Surroundings

Oaxaca is a destination that offers a great variety of attractions and tourist charms which leave anyone surprised. When arriving in the city of Oaxaca, the most common is to visit the historic center, the Santo Domingo Temple, the Macedonio Tourist Walk, the gastronomic delights in the Benito Juárez market, the Basilica de la Soledad, among other attractions. And one of the places that you cannot miss is the Monte Alban archaeological zone, which is approximately 30 minutes by car from the historic center. However, there are other places that are also worth knowing and are in the surroundings of the city. For this reason we recommend the following tourist routes.… Leer Más

Santo Domingo Cultural Center

The Santo Domingo Cultural Center is a cultural complex that is located in what was one of the most important convents in the colony. It is a large convent in which the Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca, the Fray Francisco de Burgoa Library and the Ethnobotanical Garden have been established. The Néstor Sánchez Public Newspaper Library is located in a building that is part of the complex but dates from the 19th century.… Leer Más

Tepic City Surroundings

Considered a colonial monument in itself, the city of Tepic is surrounded by majestic mountains that have witnessed many historical events in the country. Cradle of illustrious men such as the writer Amado Nervo and the boy hero Juan Francisco Escutia, it is also known as Tepic de Nervo in honor of the poet. There are many meanings that are attributed to the name of this city, such as “Tierra del Maíz”, “Place of massive stones” or “Very populated site”.… Leer Más


Uruapan is the second most important city in the state of Michoacán has a history that dates back to the pre-Hispanic era. Uruapan has been qualified as “the orchard of Michoacán” or “World capital of the avocado”. Nevertheless, the more deserved title is “the true cradle of the lacquer”, due to the production of trays, cups, masks, boxes, and other wooden objects, artistically decorated with this technique that goes back to the pre-Hispanic period. Among its multiple attractions, the city has magnificent historical monuments like the Franciscan Parish Church that preserves part of its 16th Century walls, and a Plateresque style front that was originally on the main façade; indeed worthy of admiring.… Leer Más

Guadalajara Surroundings

Near Guadalajara there are several of the most beautiful and interesting towns in the country, so these vacations you can take advantage of and visit those places that keep the true essence of Mexico in their streets.… Leer Más

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende was founded in 1542, this is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Mexico. San Miguel has meant the careful conservation of the town’s charming architecture and cobblestone streets, as well as its culture and traditions, and that is why it has become a UNESCO World Heritage site. Besides it offers the warm and friendliness of the people, the charming small cafes, bars, haute-cuisine restaurants and unique nightspots blend into the beautiful streets of this cosmopolitan town. San Miguel boasts more “fiestas” than any other Mexican town. There are religious, cultural or sports events; some of them include international performances like the International Jazz Festival and the Chamber Music Festival; and some others are traditional celebrations like the “Sanmiguelada” (Running of the Bulls), the National Brass and Wool Fair and the Holy Week, with a solemn procession of the Holy Burial, among others.… Leer Más