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Tourism in TIJUANA

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Although many people do not know it, Tijuana is one of the largest cities in the Aztec country. According to recent censuses, it is ranked number six and has 1,641,570 inhabitants. Unlike other Mexican towns, its history is not very old, however with the passing of time it became one of those that offers the best tourist destinations in Mexico.

Tijuana is one of the best known tourist places in Baja California. It took off as a recreational destination in the 1920s when it became an important space to receive American travelers seeking alternatives to Prohibition.

Its spaces attract by the beauty of the views of the Pacific Ocean, by the hectic pace of its locals and visitors, by the offers for fun, entertainment and culture. But it stands out for its powerful gastronomy, present in the restaurant offers in Tijuana where the authenticity of Mexico and the contribution from distant lands are mixed in a mixed and eclectic cuisine. On your next vacation in Mexico go enjoy Baja California, and discover the best places in Tijuana.

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Tourist Attractions in TIJUANA

Avenida Revolución (Revolution Avenue)

Avenida Revolución - Tijuana
Avenida Revolución – Tijuana

On Avenida Revolución there are emblematic buildings of the city. It is the best known avenue. It begins exactly on the international line and ends at the Tijuana Tower. It is one of the most significant tourist sites in Tijuana. Its glorious presence began when the city was called “the most visited city in the world” due to its intense nightlife.

This was the first road to be paved and so this attracted local tourists and Americans who crossed the border frequently. Some places remain from that history, for example the bar that had the largest bar in the world: La Ballena and the hotel where the famous Caesar salad was created.

Due to the recent growth, the road artery was displaced to a relative background. However, it has not lost its character as a tourist area in Tijuana and continues to be of crucial relevance. One of the aspects that makes it particular is the number of emblematic and historical shops, including canteens, erotic dance centers, discos and handicraft shops. One of these recommended places is the Dalí Bar where you can have very good beers. It opens from Wednesday to Sunday from 5:00 p.m. You can enjoy live music.

La Calle Sexta (Sixth Street)

Sixth Street measures the night rhythm of the city. Sixth Street had an impetuous record. In 2007, it became one of the tourist places to visit in Tijuana, when a group of young entrepreneurs decided to transform this road.

At night it fills up and welcomes young professionals, workers and tourists. In all its extension there are bars to enjoy relaxed music or live rock. There are bars to smoke a marijuana cigarette and others to drink craft beer. Of all of them you can go to a classic: El Dandy del Sur. It is over 60 years old, which makes it one of the typical places in Tijuana. The bar has a modern jukebox that accepts pesos and dollars. The place retains its retro atmosphere, which is expressed from its neon sign to the wood-lined armchairs.

Plaza Monumental (Monumental Square)

Plaza Monumental
Plaza Monumental

The Plaza Monumental de Tijuana is one of the largest in the world. It is a space with a long tradition, with almost 60 years of existence. It represents one of the tourist places in the city of Tijuana with greater international recognition due to its massive events.

It is the third bullring with capacity for the public, only behind the sales in Madrid and Mexico. 22 thousand people can enter its spaces. Due to this capacity in the capacity, the site is used during the year for bullfights with famous bullfighters from the country and abroad. But also for other massive events and concerts. For example, there they have performed with famous artists such as Miguel Bosé, Ricky Martin or Ricardo Arjona.

In the surroundings of the square you can find restaurants and cafes on the shores of the beach. There is a parking lot for three thousand vehicles, in addition to other appropriate spaces for bullfighting such as corrals, corraleta, weighing room for cattle and counter-barrier boxes.

Rodríguez and Gómez Passages

In the Passages Rodríguez and Gómez is the bohemian rhythm of the city. They are two old passages of the historic center that have been rescued in recent years. In them, Tijuana artists today exhibit and sell their works. This turns the tickets into tourist places in Tijuana recovered for purposes other than those of their origin.

The Rodríguez was founded in the 1940s and is located on Avenida Revolución. El Gómez is only a few blocks away. For many years both passages were abandoned and the locals were afraid to walk through them. But a group of young entrepreneurs contacted the owners of the unoccupied premises to buy or rent them and thus reactivate the areas. Your proposal has been a success. In them, travelers and locals will enjoy alternative tourist and cultural places in Tijuana, they are preferred by the “hipsters”.

The walls of the passages and the doors of the premises are now full of colors with murals that invite you to stop even for just a few minutes. The offer is diverse, there are shops with typical Tijuana handicrafts, clothing stores, coffee shops and art galleries, such as Montmartre by the painter Anabel Santellanes.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe is already a heritage of Mexico. The city had churches almost from its foundation, however, the one that today is consecrated as the Tijuana Cathedral began to be built only in 1909. Years later some modifications were made and its construction was expanded. For 1956 the architectural form that today shows to visitors and parishioners was defined. And it was only when in 1966 it officially became the Cathedral.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The temple is one of the tourist destinations of Tijuana located in the heart of the city. In this case, on second street. From a distance, its eclectic style stands out, where neoclassical forms are confused and amalgamated in its sober linear structure. However, there is also in it the reminiscence of the colonial temples characteristic of Mexico. The weight of the structure rises from the columns that are imposed in their square shapes. Due to its architectural value, the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Baja California (INAH) declared it a historical monument. That is why it is always included in the different tours in Tijuana.

The cathedral’s office hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. at 1:00 p.m. Also masses are held every day at different times. The recommendation to the tourist is to respect the devotion and the sacred acts while visiting the iconic temple.

Jai Alai

The Jai Alai is a witness to other golden ages. It is located in the middle of Avenida Revolución in the historic center, between the seventh and eighth streets. Its beginnings date back to the 1920s. However, its opening had to be postponed in view of the fact that President Lázaro Cárdenas had decreed the prohibition of games of chance. In the end it was in 1947 when it was finally inaugurated.

This is how the beautiful building was built in a Moorish but generally eclectic style. With more than 60 years of its creation, the construction is an architectural reference for several reasons, among them because it is a testimony of when the fronton still had massive roots. Since that time it became one of Tijuana’s tourist destinations and people from all over the Pacific coast traveled to appreciate the practice of sport.

Although the building suffered from a fire in 1957, its facade does not show considerable damage today. The cement imported at that time from Holland has made its cover painted in white and cream durable. The building is one of the historical monuments of Tijuana. When you visit it, you will see at the entrance of the building the sculpture a pelotari, that is, a Jai Alai player placed on top of a globe.

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Beaches in TIJUANA

Rosarito Beach

Rosarito Beach
Rosarito Beach

Playa Rosarito is the closest coast to Tijuana. The beach is located throughout the heart of the city and is one of its greatest attractions. It is a clean and well-kept beach. Depending on the date of your trip, you will notice that the waves can be intense and the water a bit icy.

There is a wide variety of hotels available to stay. On the beach there are several establishments that offer you different services such as horseback riding, jet ski rentals and paragliding trips. You can enjoy such services or just walk along the beach and enjoy the waters of the Pacific.

The beach is not suitable for surfing because of its waves, but you can do other activities such as paddle boarding or swimming. The beach is very clean and well maintained. Americans like to spend the nights in this area because of the feverish life it offers.

Primo Tapia, Baja California

On the outskirts Primo Tapia awaits you in Baja California. On the outskirts of Tijuana, in the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, is the ejido Primo Tapia, a small place inhabited by very few people. From all parts of the town is the inescapable presence of the Pacific Ocean.

Its few inhabitants have organized to form small businesses and attract tourists and in some of them you can enjoy excellent typical food without elaborate. The locals offer a privileged place to see the sea.

There are not many luxuries in the area. To do tourism there is to meet a population that preserves the local flavor and that welcomes tourists in a cordial way. In some cases, apart from gastronomy, the opportunity is offered to accompany the fishermen. Los Arenales in the same town is one of the tourist places near Tijuana that draws attention for its sand dunes that are used for fun on motorcycles and cars.

Puerto Nuevo (New Port)

Puerto Nuevo
Puerto Nuevo

Sunsets and lobsters in Puerto Nuevo, the best of Baja California. If you want to know tourist places near Tijuana, Puerto Nuevo is one of them. Very close to Rosarito Beach, just 25 minutes from the city, is this town identified by the presence of lobster in the daily life of its few inhabitants and in the arrival of tourists who on their trips in Mexico move up there to know the special bite.

There are multiple stories about the origin of the town. It is said that in the middle of the last century, several Mexicans in search of the golden dream emigrated to the United States but were deported and had to stay in the town. So they dedicated themselves to fishing and as lobster was abundant and there was no other alternative, they accompanied it with traditional Mexican food. Then the settlers realized the benefit that they could get from this marine product with the arrival of tourism.

In Puerto Nuevo there are many ways to offer the exquisite delicacy, but the peculiar way to do it is to present it fried and accompanied with rice, beans, spicy molcajete sauce, liquid butter and large Sonoran-style flour tortillas.

Malecon de Playas

Malecón de Playas de Tijuana
Malecón de Playas de Tijuana

On the Malecón de Playas Tijuana you can wait for the peaceful sunsets. One of the inescapable tourist places in the city of Tijuana is this area. This area is also known as the Bicentennial Malecón. The walk he is founded by artificially created bridges. It is four kilometers long and runs from the Azteca Park to the border with the United States. In its extension there are a variety of bars and shops.

Throughout the year musical bands perform and different types of events are held. For this, there are platforms to see the sea. The sunsets are beautiful and looking towards the Pacific Ocean you may be able to catch a dolphin coming out of the waters.

There is a varied gastronomic offer, but many tourists fall for the succulent sandwiches of Deli Place. Several establishments offer natural fresh waters, and varieties of coffee, hot chocolate and serve breakfast all day. If you look in the right place, from there you can make out the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

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Ecotourism in TIJUANA

Morelos Park

Morelos Park invites you to meet the natural in the city. It is the largest park and the one with the most life in the city. It is also an ecological reserve and this makes it one of the popular natural tourist spots in Tijuana. It has extensive green areas, a considerable artificial lake with fish and ducks and a mini zoo where you can see black bears, jaguars, iguanas, parrots and other animals. The park has an infinity of services among which are palenques, kiosks, little train, water area, slides, zip line, boats, children’s games and a skate park.

Morelos Park
Morelos Park

There is a small train that children and adults can ride. Its walk is done around the artificial lake that you can navigate in small boats, which leave from a small dock. There are areas for hiking and others for biking.

On weekends there are artistic presentations by the theater group “Xicoténcatl Leyva Alemán”, made up of clowns and artists. Other groups also perform puppet shows for children and adults who also like the dramatic genre. The park is open to the public from Monday to Sunday from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. There is parking and public restrooms, and admission is free.

La Rumorosa

The town of La Rumorosa is situated within the Sierra Juárez and is part of the municipality of Tecate in Baja California. It is close to Mexicali and the road that runs through this area reaches an altitude of up to 1000 meters at its peak. The region offers several viewpoints that allow visitors to appreciate the landscape with its dizzying curves and volcanic rocks. In addition, La Rumorosa is home to notable sites such as the archaeological site of El Vallecito, Campo Alaska, and the Wind Farm.

The Guadalupe Canyon

In the Guadalupe canyon there are millenary samples of culture. Three hours from Tijuana, in the Mexicali municipality of the Sierra de Cucapá, is this desert. It is one of the natural tourist attractions of Tijuana. Over the years the action of the river formed a canyon known as “Oasis in the desert.”

Guadalupe Canyon
Guadalupe Canyon

It is a space away from the hustle and bustle and is ideal for a weekend in contact with nature. In the place there are several pools of hot springs. There are also areas enabled for camping. Just a few minutes walk you will find several pools of ice water and waterfalls.

The area offers some services such as a small cafeteria, a shop to buy souvenirs and places to have a picnic. If you want to go on excursions in Tijuana, it is an ideal place because all its roads are properly signposted. So you can see the rocks and some cave paintings dating back more than 10,000 years. To respect the natural beauty of the canyon, listening to music at high volumes is prohibited.

Cueva Pintada de Cataviña (Painted Cave of Cataviña)

In Cueva Pintada the petroglyphs dazzle the visitor. In present-day Baja California thousands of years ago there were ancient settlers called the Cochimíes. They left an immense and valuable testimony in the area. They were populations dedicated mainly to hunting, fishing and gathering fruits. His testimony persists in cave paintings located in caves or cliffs. One of those samples is the Cataviña cave.

Located approximately two hours away, it makes it one of the tourist destinations near Tijuana that many people visit. It is in the shape of a three meter long tunnel. In the space there are impressive murals and figures drawn with the addition of a variety of colors. The paintings are made with red, black and yellow ocher pigments, and for the white lines the Cochimíes used lime. The forms and styles used to make these lines speak of a population that knew how to maintain a great tradition and social organization.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History put a plaque at the entrance of the cave where they claim that the paintings date back 10,000 years, but there are studies in which the dates vary between 3,000 and 4,000 years.

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Museums in TIJUANA

Tijuana House of Culture

The Tijuana House of Culture building is modeled after an Ohio school. It is the oldest of the four cultural complexes in Tijuana. It is located in the Altamira neighborhood. Its inauguration was held in July 1930. Originally, the building was built to be used as a school, but over time it became an important cultural venue and one of Tijuana’s favorite tourist sites. Due to its antiquity and its tenacious work, it was declared a historical heritage of Mexico.

It has two floors and more than 1,000 people interested in its cultural and recreational activities frequently walk through them. It is the only cultural venue in Baja California with a program endorsed by the National Institute of Fine Arts of its country. In this house of culture you will have a wide offer of which the art exhibitions, workshops, classes, library services and presentation of theatrical works stand out.

There is a curious fact about this building: during World War II a reception operations base operated there, run by the Mexican army and destined to receive messages to help the Allies. Messages were received by telegraph and carried by bike to San Diego.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Tijuana Cultural Center
Tijuana Cultural Center

Impossible not to marvel at the Centro Cultural Tijuana building. The building is one of the tourist and cultural places of Tijuana pride of citizens. It is in the modern area and has an architectural structure in a spherical shape. That is why it is popularly known as “La bola”. In 2015 it received more than a million visitors.

Of all the northwest of the country, the cultural complex offers the best option, dedicated to spreading the art and culture of the region. It is the headquarters of the Baja California Orchestra and the Centro Hispanoamericano de Guitarra. The cube offers montages from different disciplines. There are three rooms with art collections, an aquarium, a room for events and the cinema to enjoy the seventh art.

In 2011 this room was inaugurated with the name of Carlos Monsiváis as a tribute to the distinguished Mexican intellectual. It has 270 seats. Its spaces are dedicated to showing the best of Mexican, Latin American cinema and in general of all countries. Directors, actors, scriptwriters, video artists and the general public have made it one of the attractions of Tijuana.

Mundo Divertido (Fun World)

A Fun World awaits for children and parents here. It is located in the third stage of Río Tijuana. It is an amusement park focused on children, but that the whole family can enjoy. There are more than 20 amusement rides, including bumper cars, roller coasters, trains, zigzags, and go-karts. There is an area with different slot machine games such as target shooting, wheel of fortune and battle games. There are also hockey and billiard tables.

Only for the brave is the area of terror, where they will be exposed to strong emotions. And to complete the experience, they can move into the zombie world, an area where children defend themselves from the undead.

Mundo Divertido is one of the tourist places for children in Tijuana with the best options. On weekends, the Saury Teatro is one of the favorite spaces in the place. Clowns, dance groups and live music groups perform there. In addition, the park offers restaurant services, coffee and the famous Saury pizza.

Wax Museum

Famous people await you at the Tijuana Wax Museum. It is one of the exceptional places in Tijuana. This curious museum is located in the central helmet. And although in Mexico and Latin America there are several institutions of this type, the museum stands out as one of the best due to its number of rooms, the care of its figures and the setting of each one of them.

It has 10 rooms divided thematically. The first three are dedicated to historical periods such as the pre-Hispanic era of Mexico, the missionary period of Baja California and the history of Tijuana. There is another room dedicated to historical legends and Mexican heroes. In it there are more than 80 figures of historical figures and artist like Bartolomé Hidalgo, Moctezuma, Emiliano Zapata, J.F. Kennedy, Gandhi, Juan Pablo II, Cantinflas, Marilyn Monroe, Pedro Infante, and Elvis Presley.

If you resist strong feelings, you should go to one of the scariest tourist places to visit in Tijuana: a gloomy dungeon where Dracula, Freddy Kruger and the Werewolf await you. The museum operates in winter from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., and in summer from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

El Trompo Interactive Museum

El Trompo Interactive Museum
El Trompo Interactive Museum

El Trompo Museum is a space to play and learn science. In the Morelos park, on the Los Insurgentes boulevard there is one of the recreational places in Tijuana dedicated to the dissemination of scientific activity, with a playful approach that seeks to attract children. All
its spaces are created on the basis of meaningful learning and free learning. One of the aims of the institution is to integrate the family
in learning activities. It is the best choice when choosing tourist places for children in Tijuana.

The museum has a 3D movie theater with capacity for 220 people, in addition to four interactive rooms, whose names express the educational interest of the institution: Integra, Explain, Genera, Educa and Experimenta. The concert hall called “audiorama” is also one of its attractions. Recently, Natalia Lafourcade performed there.

In the audiorama there are also presentations and children’s workshops on sculpture, robotics, painting. As good news for when you
go, on vacation they offer special plans, and very soon the institution will open its planetarium, the only one in Tijuana.

Museo del Coleccionista de Tijuana (Tijuana Collector’s Museum)

The Collector’s Museum showcases his devotion to wrestling. The Museum is one of the tourist attractions of Tijuana. It is located on seventh street next to Revolution Avenue. The idea of creating a site like this came about in 2007 when a group of friends reflected on the fate of their objects collected over many years. However, the project was only activated when one of them passed away.

The collections presented in the museum belong to Miguel Ángel Pérez and Mauricio Pino who have contributed to tourism in Tijuana with this action. In the current permanent exhibition approximately nine thousand objects are exhibited, but in the vault there are a considerable number stored and waiting to be exhibited.

Upon entering you will find one of the first pieces and perhaps one of the most impressive: a model of a moving train. The funny thing is that it is under the ground and covered with a glass that allows you to walk over it. This is just the reception to a wonderful place where you will be dazzled with superhero figures, collectibles of Coca-Cola, Bimbo and Sabritas products, as well as toys, magazines and a host of other things. On the second floor you can’t help but see the countless objects dedicated to wrestling. The museum is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Tijuana History Museum

To learn about the past there is the Tijuana History Museum. The building where the museum is currently located was ceded by the government until 2008 and is known as the Palace of Culture. It is one of the tourist attractions of Tijuana for its age and its heritage condition.

The main mission of the museum is to publicize the history of Tijuana. For this, its exhibitions are organized around five thematic axes: Natural History, Social and Political History, Urban Growth and Development, Cultural History and Economic History. Since its inception, its work has been educational, since they seek to make everyone find out what happened and how the city was transformed.

In addition to its permanent spaces, the museum has rooms for temporary exhibitions, such as the children’s room for school-age children between four and 12 years old. It also has guided tours. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

City Gallery

City Gallery
City Gallery

The City Gallery is one of the most colorful spaces. On Benito Juárez y Constitución street is one of the historic places of Tijuana, an emblematic building that served for a long time as the Municipal Palace. Today it is the headquarters of several institutions and in terms of artistic manifestations in the place there is the City Gallery, the Espacio 5 Gallery and the Urban Gallery. This shows that in terms of cultural events Tijuana is also interested in attracting the visitor.

The history of the place dates back to 1915 when the Typical Mexican Fair was held there. In 1921 the government building was built with a significant number of offices. This bureaucratic function was maintained until 1986 and much later, the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture used these spaces for cultural, historical and artistic purposes and made it one of the tourist attractions of Tijuana.

The gallery mainly holds temporary individual and group exhibitions. It is an important space for contemporary art produced by artists from Tijuana, Baja California and recognized international creators. In recent times and on the occasion of the celebration of the 130 years of the town, the exhibition “Territorial” was inaugurated.

Tijuana History Society

The Tijuana History Society has ancient and valuable images. In the Colonia del Rosal, on Ermita Norte Street, the building of the Tijuana History Society is located. 40 years ago its foundation aimed to provide data on the past of the region. And so during all these years the Society has been in charge of protecting and exposing valuable documents of the tourist sites of Tijuana.

In it you can see, for example, images of the population of the 40s, plans of the construction of the Hotel Casino Agua. It has two permanent exhibition rooms for photographs of the city. Also, a digital classroom and a conference room. The Society has a library specialized in history with books in different languages such as Spanish, English and Japanese.

Forums and conferences are free to the public. It would be recommended that before visiting the tourist places in Tijuana, Baja California, you visit this society that will show you the changing and enduring face of the prosperous northern metropolis.

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Gastronomy in TIJUANA

Tijuana Gourmet Tour

With the Tijuana Gourmet Tour, eating becomes the best pleasure. The tour in Tijuana is offered by the Baja Wine Tours operator and takes place only once a month. The intention is to bring tourists closer to the food of Tijuana, but also to its history. The tour lasts approximately five hours and in that time the tourist approaches the city with food as the protagonist.

The tour includes visits to famous establishments. In La Cava L.A Cetto wines from the area and from other regions are tasted. At Caesars restaurant you can try the original recipe for the famous salad. The tour through the varied typical gastronomy of Baja California is done in emblematic places such as La Justina, Misión 19, La Diferencia and El Colegio. With that you visit several tourist places to eat in Tijuana in a single day. The best way to finish is at the Tijuana Brewery where you will taste the richness of artisan production.

The total cost of the tour includes transfer, pairings, wine tasting, craft beer tasting with desserts and artistic interventions. To do the tour, at least 10 people must be registered, which is very frequent. Throughout the tour, diners are accompanied by a sommelier.

Caesar Restaurant

Hotel Caesar's
Hotel Caesars – Tijuana. Photo by Hotel Caesars

Here at Caesar the most famous salad in the world was created. With the passing of time it has become one of the important places in Tijuana. It has existed since 1927 on Avenida Revolución. First it was a casino and then a spa and it was remodeled at different times. It is world renowned because the Caesar salad originated there.

There are many stories and legends about the creation of the Caesar salad. Two are the most recognized. The first account that the recipe was presented by Cesar Cardini in 1924 for a cooking contest of which he was the winner. The recipe was later taken to Tijuana for his hotel-restaurant. The other narrative involves Caesar’s brother, Alexander (Alessandro). He was a chef at his brother’s establishment and he did what he could with the ingredients that he had in the same place and created the dish. For a long time it was called “the aviators’ salad”, but over the years it changed its name to the name of the hotel owner César Cardini.

As with many tourist places to eat in Tijuana, you will not just taste one dish. In addition to the salad, the tastings of the spicy octopus or the Wellington filet are essential. They also serve draft beer at the premises.

Caffe Sospeso

You can drink the best coffee in Tijuana at Sospeso. One of the tourist attractions in Tijuana is trying a good coffee in this business. Sospeso was born in 1997 and in 1999 it set up a business in the city. The mission of the company is to highlight the work of coffee production by the farmer. On the site there are national grains from Veracruz, Guerrero, Chiapas and Nayarit. Each taste of them would mean traveling through Mexico and its flavors. Then, in 2004, the import of countries like Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya was opened. Today there are 25 types of coffee from all over the world.

Everyone who visits the place is delighted with the coffee because it is of excellent quality. It is very well toasted and goes through a careful process. The atmosphere is appropriate for chatting and entertaining with friends. Baristas are well prepared to attend to the needs of customers. Those characteristics made it one of the tourist destinations in Tijuana.

Caffe Sospeso has four zones: brewbar, espresso origins, cold brew, suspected boutique coffe. The first presents alternative ways of preparing coffee that allow you to appreciate the grain. In this area the challenge is to dare to drink a coffee without sugar or milk. In the second, espresso coffees are offered reducing their bitterness and highlighting their flavors. In the third, cold coffee is offered in different varieties. The boutique issues coffee to take away and prepare at home.

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Shopping Malls in TIJUANA

Macroplaza Insurgentes

Macroplaza Insurgentes, a mall for all tastes. Tourism in Tijuana can have several facets. One of them is shopping. For this and other activities there is Macroplaza. The mall is located on one of the busiest roads for vehicles. To give an idea of the dimension of the construction, you should know that all of it has 156 thousand square meters with more than 54 thousand meters for the commercial area and almost eight thousand for entertainment.

Macroplaza Insurgentes - Tijuana
Macroplaza Insurgentes – Tijuana

In one of the busiest tourist destinations in Tijuana you will find the CINEMEX chain, with 15 cinemas. In terms of gastronomy there are different international franchise stores such as Carl’s Jr., Peter Piper Pizza, TGI Friday’s, McDonald’s and Starbucks. Among its recognized stores is one of the Walmart in the metropolis. There are also restaurants, gym, banks, beauty salons and many other offers.

In addition to commercial activities, the center carries out the “Innovative Tijuana” program with a clear social orientation. Recently the most prominent figures of the northern city were unveiled with the award of the walk of fame.

Plaza Río Tijuana

The modern face of the city is in Plaza Río Tijuana. It is located just five minutes from the border and 10 from the international airport, which makes it one of the tourist places near Tijuana where you can buy, eat and have fun. For many, it is the most attractive mall in the area since it opened in 1981. For the locals it is part of their life and their memories. In June 2008 the total remodeling project began and today it looks really renovated.

Its administrators are constantly concerned with making visitors feel safe, contributing to the tourism of Tijuana. For this they are constantly renewed and improve the atmosphere of the place. In recent times, traditional luminaires were replaced by LEDs and in this way the lighting was improved.

It is a center with all the offers to eat, shop and go to the movies. On relevant dates such as Father’s or Children’s Day, events are offered in which artists are invited to its central square to entertain passersby. The shopping center has 139,000 square meters and more than 3,000 parking spaces.

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Casinos in TIJUANA

Hipódromo Caliente (Caliente Racecourse)

The Caliente Racetrack will surprise you with its varied fun. It is located on the Agua Caliente boulevard, an area with a glorious past in Tijuana, since the Agua Caliente Casino was housed in it, which became a tourist complex with accommodation and recreation. In the same area but in 1916 the first Hippodrome was founded.

Caliente Casino
Caliente Casino. Photo by Caliente Casino

In order to make it one of Tijuana’s tourist destinations with casinos and posts since 1989, the space was changing its offer, and the greyhound race was added to the horse race and then it was expanded to different table games such as roulette, cards and cards.

Today the racecourse is part of the Casino Caliente. For many tourists it is a fascinating place because in its construction there are spaces with different offers and the almost infinite possibility of playing and gambling. For example, in the place you will have the offer of more than six thousand machines and careful gastronomy and drinks services.

Galgódromo of Tijuana

At the Galgódromo de Tijuana your bets will always be well received. On your trip to Tijuana, don’t miss the Galgódromo. It is part of the Casino Caliente betting complex that includes the racetrack and the racetrack, as well as the different betting machines. These careers had an extraordinary boom in the 70s and 80s of the last century and today it is a bit diminished. Despite this, there are always a significant number of people who are attracted by the race of these beautiful animals that can travel up to 70 kilometers per hour after a false hare.

When selecting tourist places for children in Tijuana, it would be appropriate to choose the Galgódromo since there are special attractions for them, such as races with the smallest horsemen in the world. They also wear colorful clothes that make it even more striking.

On special dates, in addition, other activities are held such as exotic animal parades, dog training exhibitions, parades of typical costumes, all this accompanied by excellent northern music and rich typical dishes and drinks of the country.

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Magical Towns

Magical Towns in Baja California Norte – Tecate

Tecate is a picturesque town full of colonial architecture and surrounded by mountains, trees, and rivers, ideal for healthy tourism. If you are looking to relax, Tecate is the ideal place. It has a sophisticated world-renowned spa. Pamper yourself with a temazcal, a body or medicinal treatment and rest as you have dreamed of, with specialized wellness services. Practice yoga, relax with barrotherapy and free yourself from stress with a delicious massage.… Read More

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Gastronomy of Baja California Norte

Gastronomy of Baja California Norte

The Gastronomy of Baja California is a mine of flavors, the dishes and drinks offer you a variety of different forms and foreign seasoning. The drinks deserve a special mention, because it is known that the margarita, “the queen of cocktails”, was born in Ensenada.… Read More

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Capital City


Mexicali is a destination known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse array of attractions. The city’s name is derived from the combination of the words “Mexico” and “California.” … Read More

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Visit Mexico


Visit Mexico


Visit Mexico

More Tourist Attractions in MEXICO

Archaeological Sites

Archaeological Sites

The Archaeological Zones are the cultural past of every Mexican. You will be amazed at the ambient, nature and the environment that surrounds them. Climbing to the top or being around it will take us back in time to admire every detail. México is a country of culture and traditions, many of which we have inherited from the pre-Hispanic inhabitants of this vast territory, although it is true that there were more settlements in the central and southern part of the country, it is also possible to find some archaeological remains in the north.
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Capital Cities of Mexico

Capital Cities

Folklore, gastronomy, literary culture, art and exhibitions, is what you will find in the capitals of the states of Mexico. To the north, colonial Mexico, Puebla, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, the Sonoran desert and the California peninsula. To the east Veracruz and the gulf. To the west Acapulco, Oaxaca and Tuxtla Gutiérrez. And to the south the Riviera Maya and the pyramids of Chichén-Itzá, Tulúm and Cobá in Yucatán, Palenque in Chiapas, the cenotes, and the Central American jungles.… Read More

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Magical Towns in Mexico

Magical Towns

A Magical Town is a place with symbols and legends, towns with history that in many cases have been the scene of transcendent events for our country, they are places that show the national identity in each of its corners, with a magic that emanates from its attractions ; visiting them is an opportunity to discover the charm of Mexico. The Magical Towns Program contributes to revalue a set of populations in the country that have always been in the collective imagination of the nation and that represent fresh and varied alternatives for national and foreign visitors. A town that through time and in the face of modernity, has conserved, valued and defended its historical, cultural and natural heritage; and manifests it in various expressions through its tangible and intangible heritage. A Magical Town is a town that has unique, symbolic attributes, authentic stories, transcendent events, everyday life, which means a great opportunity for tourist use, taking into account the motivations and needs of travelers.… Read More

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Ecotourism in Mexico

Ecotourism and Adventure

Mexico is one of the best countries for Ecotourism as it has a great variety of flora and fauna, as well as a large number of refuges for extraordinary species. You can enjoy recreational activities of appreciation and knowledge of nature through contact with it, such as: stargazing, observation of natural attractions, wildlife and bird watching. Throughout México there are more than 176 protected natural areas, 5 of them considered by UNESCO as Natural Heritage of Humanity. Just for this and much more, we believe that Mexico is a Paradise for Ecotourism.… Read More

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Interesting Sites and Activities

Traditions in Mexico

It is practically impossible to make a meticulous, and above all, accurate selection of the places to visit in Mexico. Each place that our country houses is unique and beautiful in its own way. Mexico, with its nearly 2 million km², has a large number of scenarios to offer, as well as endless activities to do. Do not lose your way and enter the places to visit in Mexico. In Mexico, apart from the beaches and its famous archaeological sites, there are many other really interesting sites and activities that you should know. In the surroundings of the main cities you will find places full of culture and tradition, where you can spend relaxing, interesting and fun vacations. On your trip through Mexico you cannot stop obtaining souvenirs, the crafts that are made here are of the highest quality and recognized worldwide. A shopping tour cannot be missed.… Read More

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Gastronomy of Puebla


The Gastronomy of Mexico has a great diversity of typical dishes, which is why it was recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The basic and representative ingredients of Mexican dishes are: corn, coriander, chili, beans, piloncillo, nopal and tomato. Mexican cuisine is also characterized by its sauces, which serve as an accompaniment to traditional dishes, prepared based on spices.… Read More

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States Of Mexico

States Of Mexico

Mexico has an incredible diversity of landscapes, where the beauty of its beaches, internationally recognized, stands out. In its vast territory of coasts, there are beaches of unparalleled beauty, and colorful landscapes. A large network of first-class hotels and tourist services is available to visitors to these beaches. Mexico is also mystical places, dotted with archaeological testimonies inherited from its original inhabitants. Monuments made by the Mayas, Aztecs and Toltecs are located in magical landscapes, like lighthouses in an ocean of natural beauty. They offer visitors buildings that tell their history, and museums that collect their cultural heritage. And that keep alive ancestral traditions, in ceremonies and festivals, where you can enjoy cultural activities and entertainment.… Read More

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Beaches in Mexico


On the Beaches of Mexico you can immerse yourself in the intense blue ocean of the Pacific bays, sunbathe on the shore of the warm and transparent waves of the Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo or even rest on the beautiful coasts of the Gulf of Mexico. Mexican beaches hide wonderful secrets for the traveler. By visiting them, in addition to enjoying the excellent climate and water activities, you can discover splendid archaeological sites and interesting colonial cities without traveling long distances.… Read More

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