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San Luis Potosí Shines Internationally with Festival of Traditions

San Luis Potosí took center stage on the international tourism map with the commencement of the XIV Festival of Traditions of Life and Death, hosted at one of the world’s most renowned tourist destinations. The event, inaugurated by Governor Juan Manuel Carreras López, marked a significant moment in showcasing the cultural richness of the region to both national and foreign visitors.… Read More

San Luis Potosí Showcases Cultural and Surrealist Riches at Punto México Exhibition

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, recently inaugurated the exhibition “Lives! San Luis Potosí, Cultural and Surrealist” at the Punto México space of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), in collaboration with the Tourism Innovation and Policy Unit. The exhibition, open throughout November, aims to showcase the diverse tourist, artisanal, and surreal wealth of the region.… Read More

Promoting tourism in San Luis Potosí: a promising capital

Efforts are underway to shed light on the hidden treasures of the stunning city of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Collaborative endeavors by various organizations aim to elevate it as a must-visit tourist destination. With its captivating landscapes, rich historical tapestry, and vibrant culture, San Luis Potosí stands as a unique and enchanting haven for avid travelers.… Read More

Price Travel Hot Sale boosts tourism in San Luis Potosí

San Luis Potosí’s tourism landscape is basking in the glow of success, thanks to a strategic partnership between the municipal government and the Price Travel platform. The 2023 Hot Sale, a widely anticipated event, has breathed new life into the region’s tourism sector, propelling key metrics like reservations, lodging nights, and passenger numbers into impressive double-digit growth territory. Claudia Lorena Peralta, the astute Director of Municipal Tourism, shared this exciting development.… Read More

Hotel occupancy of 70% is expected in summer in San Luis Potosí

In an optimistic projection for this summer season, Rafael Armendáriz Blázquez, President of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels, estimates that hotel occupancy in San Luis Potosí could reach between 65% and 70%. After enduring three years of the pandemic, people are eagerly seeking opportunities to venture out, and while many may opt for beach destinations for their summer vacations, it is crucial to acknowledge that the lingering effects of the “economic pandemic” persist. Consequently, both the private sector and local municipalities must collaborate to devise strategies that encourage tourism in the region.… Read More

San Luis Potosí registers a large influx of tourists during Holy Week

The director of Tourism of the San Luis Potosí City Council, Claudia Lorena Peralta Antiga, has reported a surge in tourism during Holy Week. The events held since last weekend in San Luis Capital have generated more than 70 percent of hotel occupancy. She stated that the hotel influx is expected to reach levels of 90 percent next weekend since they are the strongest days of the Easter holidays.… Read More

Tourism in San Luis Potosí is promoted through the brand “San Luis Capital, a destination for all”

The City Council of San Luis Potosí in Mexico is launching a new brand, “San Luis Capital, a destination for all,” to promote tourism in the state capital to national and international visitors. The brand seeks to showcase the region’s beauty and deep-rooted history to a wider audience and position it as a preferred destination for Mexico and the world.… Read More

728 thousand tourists are expected in San Luis Potosí for this Holy Week

San Luis Potosí, Mexico, is preparing to receive approximately 728,000 tourists for Holy Week and Easter 2023. The Secretary of Tourism coordinated follow-up meetings in the four regions of the state to ensure the mobility of visitors between April 1 and 15 runs smoothly. Representatives of various institutions participated in the meetings to share their work strategies during the most important holiday season of the year.… Read More

Increased tourism in San Luis Potosí during 2022

San Luis Potosí, Mexico, saw a major increase in its tourism numbers in 2022, according to Mayor Enrique Galindo Ceballos. He reported that due to the strong promotion in the international arena, combined with cultural and sporting events and conventions held in the capital, the number of tourists increased by an unprecedented 29.1 percent. This impressive increase resulted in an economic benefit of 33 percentage points, and a 19.81 percent increase in passenger traffic by air.… Read More

Sectur and San Luis Potosí announce important investments and projects to boost tourism in the entity

The Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR) and the state of San Luis Potosi have announced a number of significant investments and projects aimed at boosting tourism in the region. The state is located in north-central Mexico and is known for its rich history, diverse landscape, and cultural heritage. With the aim of promoting the region’s tourism potential, both organizations have come together to create several new initiatives.… Read More