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21 million tourists leave a spill of 45 billion pesos in Guanajuato

According to recent data from the Guanajuato Tourism Observatory, more than 21 million visitors arrived in Guanajuato in 2022, generating an economic income of over 45 billion pesos. This represents an increase in both the number of visitors and economic impact compared to the previous year. The data shows that 2,947,494 occupied rooms were registered in 2022, a 27% increase from 2021, with an average stay of 1.2 nights per tourist, a 9% increase from the previous year. The occupancy rate was 32%.… Read More

Total recovery of tourism is foreseen in Guanajuato this 2023

The head of the Secretary of Tourism of Guanajuato, Juan José Álvarez Brunel, reported that the full recovery of the state’s tourism industry would be in 2023. Last year, only two indicators showed improvement and returned to their pre-pandemic level. These indicators were the arrival of international tourists, which increased between 6% and 10%, and private investment in tourism, which reached 1,900 million pesos, 200 million more than in 2019.… Read More