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Los Cabos, the secret paradise of Mexico that seeks to attract Spanish investors and tourists

Los Cabos, a hidden gem in Mexico, is setting its sights on attracting Spanish investors and tourists, with ambitious plans to host 100,000 Spanish visitors within the next five years. This influx of tourists could contribute a substantial 235 million euros to the region’s economy. Los Cabos is fast becoming an enticing prospect for international investors, who view this Mexican paradise as an excellent opportunity to develop high-end tourist projects, including the construction of luxury hotels, golf courses, and residential villas.… Read More

Los Cabos: a land of wild rocks and steep cliffs

Nestled in the heart of nature’s grandeur, Los Cabos emerges as a sought-after paradise inviting globetrotters with an array of enticing experiences. From seaside camel rides to captivating snorkeling in the renowned ‘Aquarium of the World,’ the allure of this destination has already captivated over two million visitors in the year 2023.… Read More

Los Cabos and Lastminute join forces to attract Spanish and British tourists

Los Cabos, the stunning Pacific destination located in Baja California Sur, Mexico, has joined forces with the online travel agency (OTA) Lastminute.com in an effort to attract more tourists from Spain and the United Kingdom. Partnering with the Spanish airline Iberojet (Ávoris), which successfully operated the Madrid-Los Cabos route last summer, the destination is set to enhance its appeal to European travelers.… Read More

Los Cabos, second favorite American destination for Valentine’s Day

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur – A recent survey by Allianz Travel has revealed that the beaches of Cancun, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta are the top three international destinations for American tourists. The study, titled “Top destinations for Valentine’s Day,” analyzed over 700,000 flight itineraries of American travelers between February 2 and 13. According to the survey results, 29% of all travelers on these dates favored international travel, and Mexico emerged as the most popular country, with the top three destinations belonging to it.… Read More