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Guerrero Triumphs at 2024 Tourist Tianguis Despite Hurricane Otis

Despite challenges posed by Hurricane Otis, the state of Guerrero showcased resilience and success at the 48th Tourist Tianguis held in Acapulco. The event was marked by a significant number of business engagements, with Guerrero’s pavilion hosting 1,400 business appointments across various sectors of the tourism industry, as reported by Santos Ramírez Cuevas, Guerrero’s Secretary of Tourism.… Read More

Guerrero’s Tourism Makes a Comeback

In a remarkable display of resilience, the state of Guerrero has shown signs of recovery in its tourism sector, notably during the recent holiday period. The state witnessed hotel occupancies soar to an average of 80%, signaling a hopeful return to normalcy in its tourism activities. This rebound is especially noteworthy given the severe challenges Guerrero faced in recent months, underscoring a significant step towards the region’s economic revival and social development.… Read More

Mexican Tennis Open’s Economic Impact Dips Amidst Hurricane Fallout

The Mexican Tennis Open, an annual sporting event held in Acapulco, has recently concluded, leaving behind an economic footprint that, while substantial, fell short of previous years. According to organizers, the tournament, which took place from February 24 to March 2 at the GNP Arena, drew a total attendance of 56,760 spectators. While this is a notable number, it signifies only 63% of the attendance seen in the 2023 edition, which boasted an audience of 90,000 people.… Read More

Acapulco Welcomes First International Cruise Post-Hurricane Otis

Acapulco, a city grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Otis, received a glimmer of hope as the Norwegian Bliss cruise ship docked at the Acapulco Cruises terminal. This marks the city’s first international cruise since the devastating hurricane claimed over 50 lives and left nearly 80% of hotels damaged. With the city’s tourism industry severely impacted, the arrival of the cruise ship is seen as a crucial step towards recovery.… Read More

Acapulco’s La Quebrada Diving Show Triumphantly Reopens After Hurricane Otis

In a triumphant display of resilience, the La Quebrada diving show in Acapulco has made a dazzling return after a 45-day hiatus caused by the destructive impact of Hurricane Otis. This iconic tradition, synonymous with the city’s tourism, is a beacon of hope during the festive month of December, signifying the revival of a cherished cultural spectacle.… Read More

Tourism in Guerrero generates more than 690 million pesos

The first long weekend of 2023 was a huge success for tourism in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. To celebrate the 106th Anniversary of the Mexican Political Constitution, which took place from February 4th to February 6th, many tourists flocked to the tourist destinations in Guerrero to enjoy the attractions and products the state had to offer. The state of Guerrero has had a fantastic start to the year in terms of tourism, which is largely due to the coordinated efforts of the government and the tourism sector.… Read More