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New Leadership in Campeche’s Restaurant Association Aims to Boost Tourism

In a recent development aimed at promoting tourism in Campeche, Francisco Estrada Gómez, the president of the Tourism Business Council of Shops on 59th Street and traditional neighborhoods, introduced the new board of directors for the association. This strategic move underscores the ongoing efforts to enhance the region’s attractiveness to tourists and provide a boost to local businesses.… Read More

Campeche Tourism Sees Record-Breaking Year in 2023 with Over a Million Visitors

Campeche, known for its rich historical and cultural heritage, experienced a remarkable surge in tourism throughout 2023, surpassing the numbers recorded in 2022. The Campeche Tourism Secretariat shared this exciting news, emphasizing that such a rebound hadn’t been witnessed since 2019. Mauricio Arceo Piña, the head of the state agency, expressed confidence in the positive trend, anticipating official announcements regarding tourist influx and hotel occupancy in the coming days.… Read More

What is it like to travel on the Mayan Train?

The inaugural journey of the Mayan Train, connecting Campeche with Cancun, brought a mix of excitement and challenges for passengers eager to experience this iconic travel. Passengers arrived at the San Francisco Campeche station, featuring impressive architecture by Gabriela Bojalil. The station, though bustling, lacked certain amenities, with a limited waiting room and a sparse food supply. Ticket prices for Premier and Tourist classes were displayed, with a notable difference in costs.… Read More

Come and have fun at the Children’s and Girl’s Day Festival

The Institute of Culture and Arts of the state of Campeche is inviting families and their children to attend the Festival of the Day of the Boy and Girl. The festival will take place on April 30th at Concha Acústica, starting from 10am until 8:30 pm. There will be a variety of fun activities for the whole family, such as contests, music, a clown show, games, artistic workshops, tram rides, and much more.… Read More