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Landscapes of penetrating colors such as the green of its palm trees and fascinating forms such as the relief of the Sierra Madre Sur are characteristics that roughly describe the beauty of its surroundings. In recent years, the Port of Manzanillo has undergone important changes in the tourist infrastructure. In communication routes, by land, by air or by sea, the accesses are first class.

Playa de Oro Airport receives daily flights from Mexico, the United States and Canada. The maritime terminal for cruise ships is one of the most ambitious projects that today come true with the arrival of numerous cruise ships throughout the year. In addition, the new Manzanillo bus terminal allows connection with the main cities of the Mexican Republic. And if you prefer, the modern Guadalajara – Manzanillo highway will put you on the beach in just three hours.

Its climate is humid and warm throughout the year, ideal for having fun and sunbathing on one of its extensive beaches, among the most important are: Salahua, Las Hadas, Miramar, Santiago, La Boquita, La Audiencia, Isla Navidad and La Colimilla . Vacationers who visit it can find all the fun possible in some of its activities such as: water sports, ATV adventure, horseback riding, diving and snorkeling.

Manzanillo is known as “The Sailfish Capital of the World” and year after year during the month of November the famous International Tournament is celebrated, which has earned it the well-deserved nickname.
And how to forget the excellent golf courses that are part of the must-do activities for amateurs. Three of the best Greens are found here: Isla de Navidad, Club de Golf Las Hadas and El Club Santiago.

Let yourself be pampered at one of the renowned resorts on the shore of the bay or indulge yourself with the typical dishes that are served daily in its many restaurants: shrimp a la diabla or in cocktails, prawns with garlic sauce or with chile de arbol, crayfish grilled, ceviche from Colima, prepared with pieces of sail or sierra fish, michi broth (based on fish with vegetables), seafood soup, tatemado (pork spine dressed with guajillo chili, bay leaves, cumin, tomato garlic and liquefied tomato), chilayo (made from pork with green tomato sauce, cooked guajillo chili, soaked rice, cumin, garlic and salt) or the well-known pozole, the most emblematic typical dish of the state.

Is the plan business? All the services offered will meet the expectations of the most demanding executives.
Walk through the recently remodeled Historic Center, learn about the Manzanillences historical passages in one of its museums, move to the rhythm of Nightlife in one of its bars and above all, captivate your gaze at sunset on the Malecón Miramar or through the Paseo Espíritu Santo , with the deep gold and blue that only the Pacific Ocean can offer you.

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Manzanillo Bay

The Bay of Manzanillo is the main bay of the municipality and where numerous beaches, hotels and restaurants are located, as well as the Inland Port and the access to Tourist Maritime Cruises. Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid, which is the most important road in the city, runs along the entire coastline to the very center of the city.

Manzanillo - Bahía de Santiago
Manzanillo – Santiago Bay
Santiago Bay
The Bay of Santiago is characterized by having become the first tourist hub of Manzanillo more than 50 years ago. Its calm and blue beaches are ideal for families who prefer to stay in the many hotels in the area. It is close to shopping and entertainment centers.
Historic Center of Manzanillo

The place is even more beautiful, as it has just been remodeled. Fall in love with the beauty of its buildings and white portals in its quiet streets, visit the one-of-a-kind sculpture of the Sailfish with a height of 28 meters. work of the sculptor Sebastián. Walk the sculptural boardwalk of the holy spirit with its more than 12 sculptures such as “El Piloto“, “La Cazadora de Estrellas“, “El Pescador“, “La Propela“, enjoy the show of Dancing Waters every night at the Muelle de Tourist Cruises, visit the place where the former president Benito Juárez departed by boat from Manzanillo, visit the Álvaro Obregón Garden and its kiosk, visit the Malecón del Rompeolas, visit the 1st Church built “Temple of Guadalupe“, and take the best memory de Manzanillo make your purchases of handicrafts and souvenirs in any of its portals stores.

Álvarez Obregón Garden

It is the main square of Manzanillo. It shows beautiful quarry fountains and, in its central part, a kiosk with colonial features. It was designed by the Colima artist Rancel Hidalgo.

Malecón “Espíritu Santo”

This boardwalk was named “Paseo del Espíritu Santo” in memory of the Spanish ship that, on July 24, 1527, touched the shores of Manzanillo for the first time, originally named “Santiago de Buena Esperanza”. The road was inaugurated in December 1998.

Manzanillo - Malecón Paseo del Espíritu Santo
Manzanillo – Malecón Paseo del Espíritu Santo
“Azul” Beach
Located in the Bay of Manzanillo, Playa Azul is the ideal place to enjoy the sunsets and the best restaurants in the area are anchored in its surroundings, all with ocean views. Do not miss the opportunity to savor delicious dishes while gazing fascinated by the orange, blue and gold of the Manzanillo sunsets.
“La Audencia” Beach

It is located on the Santiago Peninsula between the Bay of Manzanillo and that of Santiago. The perfect space for practicing jet-skiing, diving and kayaking, it belongs to the Las Hadas Residential Complex, a residential complex made up of a Hotel Golf Resort and a Marina. The slope and the waves are always low and from the lighthouse of this beach you can see impressive panoramic views.

“La Boquita” Beach

It is a quiet cove where you can swim and enjoy the sea in a very safe way. Its surroundings offer different services such as water sports, boat rides and above all you cannot stop eating in one of its famous ramadas where you can enjoy the best regional dishes based on fresh seafood. Access is through the entrance to Club Santiago and follows the dirt road until you reach the beach.

“Las Hadas” Beach

Besides being beautiful, “Las Hadas” Beach is very calm. A cove with gentle waves that owes its name to the phosphorous silhouettes that are sometimes drawn on the sand on nights with a full moon. These figures resemble human curves similar to fairies. It houses one of the most famous tourist complexes in the city with high class hotels, a yacht club and a golf club.

Miramar Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches in the Bay of Santiago for having numerous tourist services such as: hotels, restaurants, handicraft market, horseback riding and motorized water sports. A short distance away is the Miramar Lagoon, a natural reserve where a great variety of animal and plant species still live, very typical of the local ecosystem. The riverbank has its own boardwalk, a good place to walk and appreciate the sunsets.

Manzanillo - Campos Lighthouse
Manzanillo – Campos Lighthouse
Campos Lighthouse

To have a better panorama of the Bay of Manzanillo and the city, you must go through the Campos Lighthouse, here you can take the best photographs of this beautiful destination and have the best view of the ocean and the coast. This lighthouse is a 12 meter high tower that is still used for maritime navigation, it is located on the hills north of Campos beach and a few kilometers from the Historic Center of Manzanillo. It has a beach of the same name, ideal for surfing.

Port of Manzanillo

The Customs Office of the Port of Manzanillo is located in the inner port of Laguna de San Pedrito, which was inaugurated on August 9, 1971. The embarkation and disembarkation traffic is constant throughout the year and that is why the Port of Manzanillo has become the most important in the Pacific. Its international area of influence is oriented towards the West coast of the American Continent and the Pacific Basin, where the countries of the USA, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia stand out. , Singapore and the Philippines. There is also an important commercial exchange with the European Union; Germany, Spain, Russia, as well as Oceania, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Cuyutlán Beach

This beach is well known for its landscapes and for its famous “Green Wave” that from April to June reaches 8 meters which is an attraction enjoyed by visitors and where you can surf, this place has many hotels, restaurants for all tastes, craft shops as well as a beautiful boardwalk, you can rest under the umbrellas and refresh yourself with a typical Manzanillo drink, as well as visit attractions such as the Salt Museum and the turtle camp.

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Ecoturism, Watersports and Adventure

The Port of Manzanillo is distinguished by its varied coastlines. They can be turbulent with high waves, perfect for surfers, or peaceful and shallow, where the whole family can enjoy water activities such as: boat rides, banana rides, jet skis and snorkeling. The walk through the bay is one of the favorites, without forgetting diving through one of its reefs full of schools of fish.
Sport fishing in Manzanillo
Sport fishing in Manzanillo
Sport fishing in Manzanillo

Lovers of sport fishing will not find a better place to spread their passion. Not for nothing is Manzanillo known as “The Sailfish Capital of the World”, a title it obtained in 1957 thanks to the fact that the number of fish caught exceeded that of other regions; 336 sailfish were caught with the participation of only 124 contestants. Every year in the month of November, Manzanillo celebrates the “Manzanillo International Sailfish Tournament”, the best national and foreign competitors come to the port to give place to this great event.

Horse trips

This is one of the favorite diversions of the visitors. Through the Miramar Lagoon you can live with nature, observe birds and local species that inhabit this ecosystem. The tour lasts about 3 hours and you can finish it on the beach where the sunsets are observed like nowhere else

Boat trip through the Bays

Catamaran rides through Santiago Bay are a must when visiting the port of Manzanillo Only through this type of tour of approximately three hours can you appreciate the following natural attractions: La Punta, Cueva del Diablo, La Bufadora, Playa del Amor, La Piedra del Elefante and the Virgen de los Pescadores. In addition, you can almost always snorkel in one of the beautiful reefs where you can observe corals and fish in their natural habitat.

Natura Camp

This is a one hundred percent ecological camp since it was built with reusable materials, electricity is obtained through solar cells and they manage a recycling culture, its main attraction is the zip lines, it has 5 lines with fun routes and overlooking the great vegetation and natural beauties, the highest is 80 meters high, in addition this place has a suspension bridge and you can take extreme tours in harmony with nature, you can camp or visit the iguanary in addition to feeding white-tailed deer in its reserve.

Manzanillo - Estero Palo Verde
Manzanillo – Estero Palo Verde
Estero Palo Verde Cuyutlan

The Estero Palo Verde is one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the region, it belongs to the fourth basin of the Cuyutlán Lagoon, it is made up of a set of mangroves that are home to a great diversity of species; birds, reptiles, mangroves, mammals, crocodiles, in addition to enjoying the green landscape. The visitor has the opportunity to know the marvel of the estuary through a boat trip through the mangroves, the tour lasts approximately 45
minutes and starts from the Muelle de la Esperanza located in the Ecological Center of Cuyutlán “El Tortugario”

The Tortugario

Also known as the “Ecological Sanctuary of the Turtle” is a recognized place that is dedicated to the care of different endangered species such as turtles, iguanas and crocodiles, in addition to promoting ecological awareness and protecting part of the Cuyutlán lagoon called “Estero Palo Verde”. Here you can enjoy and get to know its different facilities such as the turtle egg incubation area, captivity of sea turtles, iguanas and crocodiles, audiovisual and exhibition rooms, rest palapas, souvenir shops as well as you can take a walk through the lagoon where you can admire different species of birds among others that inhabit the lagoon. Don’t forget to participate in the turtle release.

The Elephant Rock

In the Juluapan peninsula and less than an hour from Manzanillo, there is a real whim of the wind and erosion, which came together to carve out the image of a colossal pachyderm on a rock. The unique sculpture created by nature surprises locals and strangers. It is located on a beach with transparent and serene waters, ideal for snorkeling. Its depth is 20 meters and the underwater landscape is full of corals.

Valle de las Garzas Lagoon

This viewpoint and lagoon is a beautiful place to photograph the flora and fauna of the area. A large number of Herons that fly over the city in season, come together to rest and feed in this natural space that is surrounded by abundant mangroves and a large mass of crystalline waters. Access is free and is located at the foot of the road near the Inner Port.

Manzanillo - Valle de las Garzas Lagoon
Manzanillo – Valle de las Garzas Lagoon
La Floreña Tropical Forest

Ecological Reserve that due to its large amount of flora and fauna, you can observe squirrels, some deer, armadillos, among others. You will have to go through the forest to reach the prehistoric caves, where you will have the privilege of seeing stalagmites and stalactites that were formed millions of years ago, rivers and waterfalls that have not yet been explored but some pre-Hispanic pieces have been found. The tour must be done by vehicle and then walk to reach the caves. It will have been worth the tour since you will be surprised by this beautiful place.

Archundia Iguanario

An area of reproduction and natural conservation of iguanas, with more than 1000 specimens that can measure up to 2 meters in length, live the experience of feeding them and living together in an environment surrounded by wildlife such as badgers, among other species.

Ramón Medina Archundia along with his family settled in a marshy area located in the central area of Manzanillo, there they planted guamúchil trees and placed a couple of iguanas, with time Mr. Archundia has rescued Iguanas and has taken them to this place where they have been multiplying. He and his family are dedicated to protecting and feeding them, in this way he collaborates with the protection of this species that has been threatened by man.

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Art and culture

Sculpture to “El Escorpión”

The Sculpture to “El Escorpión” was inaugurated in October 1997 in honor of the crew that was on board the “Scorpion Tug” on March 13, 1972, since these brave men exposed their lives to withdraw, in a professional and voluntary way, the tanker “Mary Ellen Conway” which, upon being on fire, threatened to imminently disrupt the PEMEX facilities.Thanks are extended to the oil tankers who timely plugged the gas pipelines at the dock, thus preventing the incident from turning into a catastrophe.

Manzanillo - Sculpture “Pescadora”
Manzanillo – Sculpture “Pescadora”
Sculpture “Pescadora”

Released in September 2000, this is the brainchild of Maestro Roger Von Gunten, who donated his artistic creation work. The work can be appreciated on the route along the Malecón Espíritu Santo.

Sculpture “El Estibador”

Work of the sculptor Rubén Hernández Guerrero, this piece commemorates the anniversary of the founding of the C.R.O.M. on May 23, 1919. It was inaugurated on August 2, 2007 by the Constitutional Governor of the free and sovereign state of Colima, Mr. Jesus Silverio Cavazos Ceballos.

Sailfish Sculpture

This sculpture that was created by the artist Sebastian, is a monumental work that highlights the origins of the Port in an emblematic way. It is located in the Historic Center and thanks to its large size it reminds us that Manzanillo is considered first of all the “Sailfish Capital of the World”.

Monument to Juarez

Monument that commemorates Lic. Benito Pablo Juárez García, who, before and as President of Mexico, touched Manzanillo as a historic shelter of the Federal Government. Inaugurated on April 11, 2005.


University Museum of Archeology

Enclosure that was created to disseminate and promote the culture and history of the pre-Columbian people, it also exhibits artistic and cultural expressions. The museum amounts to 1,800 pieces distributed in 4 rooms of collections from archaeological investigations and rescues.

Manzanillo - University Museum of Archeology
Manzanillo – University Museum of Archeology
Nogueras Cultural Center

This is a farm very close to Manzanillo where previously lived the character Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo who was dedicated to making paintings, furniture designs, among other works of art. After his death the hacienda was adopted as a museum and an archaeological, historical and anthropological research center. The museum has several rooms where you can see different exhibits from the works of this author currently known as “Rangelino”, to pre-Hispanic objects such as clay figures of xoloitzcuintles dogs which are very representative of this place.

Pilot Boat Monument

Monument since April 2000. It belonged as a lifeboat to the B.M. “Havilland” of German flag took refuge in this port during the Second World War. The boat was transformed in 1942 by Captain Juan Abaroa who was a port pilot for this delegation and since then he functioned as a pilot boat until January 2000, when he ended his commitment to the sea.

City Hall

Historic building that is an emblem in the center of Manzanillo. At the gates of this presidency there is a tourism module to which all visitors can go to receive help and guidance about the activities available in the city.

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Manzanillo has good restaurants whose specialties are fish and seafood. The cuisine of this region is known for its good seasoning and the mixture of its ingredients.

Along the hotel zone you can find many restaurants, many hotels have specialty restaurants and some offer rich buffets. On the beaches there are palapas where you can enjoy exquisite seafood-based dishes. If you want more affordable restaurants, you can visit the city center where you will find restaurants serving local specialties.

Among the traditional dishes of Manzanillo we can mention: Colima-style chilaquiles, bread soup, pozole, picadillo, corn tamales and delicious snacks such as “sopitos picados”.

As for sea food, prawns a la diabla, shrimp shaken, fillet stuffed with seafood, michi broth, Ceviche from Colima and ceviche tostadas.

It is also worth mentioning some regional desserts such as the coconut or pineapple alfajor, carafe snow, cocadas, tamarind pinches, sweet empanadas filled with coconut, lemon, orange and walnuts and the traditional Colima “borrachitos”, cajeta sweets with liquor.

The regional drinks are the “tuba”, the “tejuino”, the “bat” and the famous “punch”, which is prepared with mezcal and tropical fruits.

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Gastronomy of Colima

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It is practically impossible to make a meticulous, and above all, accurate selection of the places to visit in Mexico. Each place that our country houses is unique and beautiful in its own way. Mexico, with its nearly 2 million km², has a large number of scenarios to offer, as well as endless activities to do. Do not lose your way and enter the places to visit in Mexico. In Mexico, apart from the beaches and its famous archaeological sites, there are many other really interesting sites and activities that you should know. In the surroundings of the main cities you will find places full of culture and tradition, where you can spend relaxing, interesting and fun vacations. On your trip through Mexico you cannot stop obtaining souvenirs, the crafts that are made here are of the highest quality and recognized worldwide. A shopping tour cannot be missed.… Read More

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Archaeological Sites

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