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Tenosique: The Future Tourism Hub of Tabasco

In a recent development that could redefine the tourism landscape of Tabasco, Javier May Rodríguez, the gubernatorial candidate for the “Let’s Keep Making History” coalition, has unveiled his ambitious vision for Tenosique. During a house-to-house campaign in the area known as the land of Pino Suárez, Rodríguez shared his plans to transform Tenosique into the state’s tourism capital, leveraging the potential brought by one of the 34 stations of the Mayan Train.… Read More

Chocolate Festival 2023 will be held from November 15 to 19 in Tabasco

The 2023 Chocolate Festival is set to take place in Villahermosa, Tabasco, from November 15 to 19, according to an announcement made during a press conference at the Government Palace. This marks the 12th edition of the festival, which was presented by Tabasco Governor Carlos Manuel Merino Campos, Mayor of Centro Yolanda Osuna Huerta, and Secretary of Tourism José Antonio Nieves Rodríguez, among other officials and business representatives.… Read More

Take advantage of the heat and go to Tabasco! Know the best beaches to visit this vacation

Are you yearning to explore new destinations for your summer getaway? Look no further than Tabasco, where the combination of tropical vibes, lively music, and a generous serving of pozol awaits you on its stunning beaches. Nestled along the picturesque Gulf of Mexico coast, Tabasco’s beaches are truly nature’s gifts, boasting a mesmerizing blend of scenic wonders and abundant biodiversity.… Read More

The vacationers will leave a spill of 100 million pesos in Tabasco

The state of Tabasco in Mexico is expecting an economic boost of over 100 million pesos due to the Holy Holiday season. This comes after a three-year critical period caused by the pandemic and economic slowdown, which had a major impact on the tourism sector, leading to a near-complete shutdown. However, indicators in hotel occupancy, restaurants, tour packages, airlines, and airport operations are now at their maximum point of operation, according to the main tourist operators in Tabasco.… Read More