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Monarch butterflies boost tourism in Michoacán with a 12 percent increase in visitors

Tourist numbers are set to soar in Michoacán as the annual migration of monarch butterflies approaches. The state’s tourism authorities are anticipating a substantial 12 percent increase in visitor arrivals this year, along with a remarkable 22 percent boost in economic income compared to previous seasons. This delightful phenomenon, as stated by Roberto Monroy, Secretary of Tourism of Michoacán, is attributed to the presence of these majestic butterflies, whose arrival is eagerly awaited year after year.… Read More

Tourism in Michoacán increased in the summer of this year

The State Secretary of Tourism (Sectur) in Michoacán, Roberto Monroy García, has just revealed some promising news for the local tourism industry. According to his recent report, this summer saw a substantial uptick in tourism, with a total of 1,352,761 visitors descending upon the region. This represents an impressive 11.48 percent increase compared to the same period the previous year.

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