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Mezcal is a rich, handcrafted flavored drink that requires considerable attention to be produced. Mezcal is normally served with white salt or worm salt (salt mixed with a cooked larva and ground chili), lemon or orange. Mezcal production today remains more or less as it was when the Spanish arrived hundreds of years ago. Each “recipe” is transmitted from generation to generation within the families that care about its production; Because each family has its own approach to mezcal production, there are an enormous number of different flavors. It is also in this way that the rich diversity of flavors and traditions are preserved for all to enjoy.… Read More


Tequila is a mixed drink from the 16th century as a result of the syncretism of two cultures: the Mexican and the Spanish. The Mexica never imagined the dimensions that they could reach with the discovery of agave honeys. After the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico, a new post-fermentation process, distillation, was incorporated, thereby obtaining an innovative liquid: tequila.… Read More