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Aguascalientes present at the International Tourism Fair

Aguascalientes is making its mark at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in Madrid, Spain, joining the ranks of 152 countries participating in this prestigious event. FITUR, renowned globally and a key reference for Ibero-American markets, is set to run from January 24 to 28, attracting 96 official representations of destinations and providing Aguascalientes a platform to shine before 250,000 professionals and the general public. The state aims to position itself as an attractive destination for various types of tourism, including leisure, business, nature, wellness, medical, cultural, adventure, ecotourism, and conventions.… Read More

XXI Meeting of Poets from the Latin World to Convene in Aguascalientes

In a bid to establish Aguascalientes as the American Capital of Culture, the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes (ICA), in collaboration with the Center for Research and Literary Studies of Aguascalientes (CIELA) Fraguas, has revealed its plans to host the XXI Meeting of Poets of the Latin World. The event, aimed at promoting literary and cultural exchange, is set to run from October 18 to 21 of this year and will feature participants from various countries, including Chile, Italy, and Colombia.… Read More

Everything ready for the Camino de la Asunción

Aguascalientes, a state known for its warm-hearted people, is gearing up to host the Camino de la Asunción, a thrilling three-day hike covering 93 kilometers through various towns. The event aims to boost sports and tourism in the region, drawing inspiration from similar walks in other countries and Mexican states, promising an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and athletes alike.… Read More

The tourist wealth of Aguascalientes reaches ‘Punto México’

The Secretary of Tourism (Sectur) has praised the abundant natural and cultural attractions of Aguascalientes, a scenic mountainous region renowned for its hot springs. Boasting national parks, mountain ranges, tourist sites, museums, paintings, and three picturesque Magical Towns—Real de Asientos, San José de Gracia, and Calvillo—Aguascalientes offers visitors a unique and captivating experience. Notably, Calvillo is home to the National Museum of Magical Towns. Additionally, the traditional San Marcos Fair, one of Mexico’s most significant festivities, captivates tourists with its vibrant celebrations.… Read More