Glass is magic: Xaquixe

In this video we are introduced to Christian Thornton, a talented glass artist with a passion for working with this mesmerizing material. Christian shares his journey and deep connection to glass, highlighting its limitless possibilities and the addictive nature of its transformative qualities. The video begins with Christian’s background, mentioning his father’s military career that led them to various places. While in Spokane, Christian discovered his love for heavy metal rock and played the guitar. To earn extra money, he took a job at a stained glass studio, which sparked his fascination with glass.… Read More

Empowering women in Oaxaca: Fundación En Vía

The video features Carlos Hernández, the founder and current CEO of Fundación En Vía, and Viviana Ruiz, the director of the foundation. The video explores the foundation’s mission and its impact on empowering women in Oaxaca, Mexico. Carlos Hernández explains that after the social crisis in Oaxaca in 2006, many people were left without tourism-related income.… Read More

Lucha Libre: Carne y Hueso

In this intriguing video we are introduced to a group of remarkable individuals immersed in the world of Lucha Libre in Oaxaca, Mexico. The video captures the essence of their passion, struggles, and the profound impact wrestling has had on their lives.

The first wrestler we meet is Endeavor, who shares his journey as a wrestler that began at the tender age of eight. Endeavor’s inspiration came from his father, a renowned wrestler, and his desire to create a legacy that transcends borders and intrigues fans who wonder about the person behind the mask.… Read More

Mototaxis in Oaxaca: Los Barrys

In this exciting video, we meet Jonathan Castro Méndez and Gerson Castro Méndez, also known as Los Barrys, who specialize in working with fiberglass in Oaxaca. From a young age, Jonathan had a keen interest in cars and dreamed of becoming a driver or mechanic. With the help of his cousin Marcelo, who already had knowledge in working with fiberglass, they began exploring this field when they were around 12 or 13 years old. Since then, they fell in love with this work and decided to continue working together.… Read More

Oscar Carrizosa: Restaurant “Casa Crespo”

In this video we are introduced to Oscar Carrizosa, the passionate owner of Casa Crespo, a unique establishment that encompasses a restaurant, a cooking school, and a chocolate store. Through this captivating video, we delve into the world of Casa Crespo and learn about the culinary wonders and cultural diversity found within. Oscar Carrizosa, who hails from a small village in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca, shares his personal journey and deep connection to the culinary arts. Growing up, he assisted his mother in running a small restaurant, and memories of those moments in the kitchen still hold a special place in his heart.… Read More